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Data Breach Compensation Claims

If your personal details were stolen following data breach, you may have grounds for compensation. Read more information below about your right to claim.

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An introduction to data breach claims

More companies than ever before are capturing and storing data about customers to improve how they serve customers. However, all of this collected information is at risk from data breaches – which leaves people vulnerable to identity theft and fraud. This has become an all-too-common occurrence, leaving millions of individuals exposed. When personal information is compromised due to a company’s negligence or oversight, it can have significant financial and emotional repercussions for the victims.

Thankfully, there is a way that you can fight back if you have been a victim of a data breach. More people than ever before are seeking compensation for the damages caused by these breaches. At Claims Bible, we can help you make a successful claim for compensation and seek reparations for the breach.

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Can I claim compensation for a data breach?

If you have been a victim of a data breach, then you may be able to make a claim for compensation. There are a few eligibility requirements to keep in mind though, mainly that you’ll have to prove that the breach was a result of company negligence. You will also need to demonstrate how the breach impacted you negatively to claim damages. These damages can be financial, such as fraud or identity theft external link icon light blue, or non-financial, including emotional distress external link icon light blue or loss of privacy. It’s important to demonstrate a direct link between the breach and the harm suffered.

At Claims Bible, we can look at the merits of your claim for you, help you understand your rights and give you an idea of the best path ahead for your case. Working with us will ensure that your claim has the best chance of success because we understand how these claims work.

Did you know?

70% of small businesses’ employees had their passwords lost or stolen last year.

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What companies can you claim data breach from?

Victims can claim compensation from a wide range of entities, including but not limited to, financial institutions, healthcare providers, retail companies, and social media platforms.

Essentially, any organisation that holds personal data has a legal obligation to protect that information under data protection laws such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) external link icon light blue. If a breach occurs due to the company failing to uphold these obligations, it may be liable for compensation claims.

There are many different companies that have experienced data breaches from a huge spectrum of industries. Although the following list is far from exhaustive, below are a few companies that have recently experienced a data breach:

  • Capita
  • South Staff water
  • Arnold Clark
  • Moveit
  • Zellis

So, if you have been a customer of one of the above companies, or any other company that has experienced a data breach, then you can make a data breach claim.

What’s the process for a data breach claim?

The process for making a data breach claim might appear daunting at first, but with the help of our team at Claims Bible, every step is straightforward. We are highly experienced in handling these claims, so we know the best way to navigate this landscape. Our expertise will guide you through the process seamlessly, ensuring that you can seek compensation without the stress. Below is a general overview of how the claims process works:

Evidence collection

The first step in claiming compensation for a data breach involves gathering evidence. This evidence can include communications from the company acknowledging the breach, any correspondence regarding the impact of the breach on you, and documents showing any financial losses or expenses incurred due to the breach.

Legal consultation

The next step will team you up with our legal partners, who specialise in data protection law external link icon light blue. They will provide guidance on your case and the best path forward for it.


Claim notification

Now, it’s time to bring your claim into action. This is often started with a notification to the company responsible for the breach that you intend to claim compensation. This notification will detail the nature of the breach, the harm suffered, and the compensation sought.


Many data breach claims are settled out of court through negotiations between your legal representative and the company. If a satisfactory settlement is offered, the claim can be resolved at this stage. This can really streamline your claim, as it avoids taking it to court. However, if a settlement can’t be reached, we will proceed to legal action.

Legal proceedings

If a settlement cannot be reached, the next step may involve taking legal action against the company. This process can be lengthy and complex, requiring a detailed presentation of your case in court. Your claim will be heard by a judge or arbitration panel, who will ultimately decide the verdict of the case.

How much is a data breach claim worth?

The value of a data breach claim varies significantly depending on the severity of the breach and the extent of the damages suffered. Compensation amounts can range from small sums for minor inconveniences to substantial figures for significant financial losses and emotional distress. For instance, victims of identity theft resulting in financial loss or damage to credit ratings may receive higher compensation amounts. What’s more, in cases where emotional distress is severe, courts have awarded substantial sums to reflect the breach’s impact on the individual’s mental health.

Did you know?

Hackers attack computers every 39 seconds or 2,244 times a day.

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How long does a data breach claim take?

The duration of a data breach claim depends on various factors, including the complexity of the case, the amount of evidence available, and whether the claim is settled out of court or proceeds to legal proceedings.

Simple cases with clear evidence of negligence and harm might be settled within a few months. However, more complex cases, especially those requiring legal action, can take a year or more to resolve. The process can be expedited by having a clear, well-documented case and engaging an experienced legal professional to navigate the intricacies of data breach laws.

Data breaches can have profound impacts on individuals, ranging from financial losses to emotional turmoil. While the process of seeking compensation can seem difficult, at Claims Bible we make every step simple and stress-free. Working with our team will make the entire process easier, while also improving your chances of a successful claim. Ready to get started? Start your data breach claim today. Check your eligibility by completing our online form.

Did you know?

46% of UK businesses experienced a cyber-attack. The average cost of a cyber-attack to a UK business was £3,230.

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Start your data breach claim today

Complete the claim form and check your eligibility today. Safe, secure and confidential. Apply online in minutes

Common questions

What evidence do I need for a data breach claim?

For a successful data breach claim, you’ll want to compile comprehensive evidence to support the claim of negligence and the resultant harm. The evidence may include correspondence from the company alerting you about the data breach. Other forms of evidence might include bank statements if you were defrauded as a result of the breach or medical records if it caused you emotional distress.

Will I still have to pay anything if the case is lost in court?

When working with Claims Bible and our legal partners, you won’t have to pay a single penny if the case isn’t a success. We work on a no win, no fee basis, so if your case doesn’t win then you aren’t out of pocket.

What is the time limit for a data breach claim?

The time limit for making a data breach claim falls under the GDPR in the European Union, giving you six years from the date you became aware of the breach to make a claim. This gives you a significant window of time to learn about the data breach and start the claims process.

What is the largest data breach payout?

Data breach payouts can mean a big payout for claimants depending on the circumstances of the claim. In December 2021, banking giant Capital One entered a settlement that forced it to pay $190 million to 100 million of its customers.

How much are your fees?

Our legal partners take ~25%+vat. Upon submission of your claim and before signing to proceed you will receive all the details of the no win no fee agreement and confirmation of fees.

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