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About Us

Our history


Our story starts in 2014 with the payday loans industry and our venture, Payday Choice. It helped those searching for a payday loan avoid the pitfalls of unscrupulous lenders and sky-high fees. The company was a success and was even referenced in Parliament for the good work it did in the industry.


The following year we launched Forces Money to help those serving in HM Forces claim back tax from the fuel spent commuting to a temporary workplace. Within the first year it had safely returned over a million pounds to the pockets of serving personnel.


Six years later Forces Money is still helping forces personnel claim back tax, alongside a new brand, Forces Compare, a veteran owned company that compares financial products, including car, travel and even military equipment insurance, as well as claims for mis-sold loans and credit.


Before long we noticed members of the public using our claims services as well as military personnel. After speaking with them we learnt the military branding was confusing and we wanted to open the claims service to a wider audience and so, Claims Bible, was born.