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Mould Compensation

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If you live in rented accommodation, then your landlord has a duty of care to ensure that you live in a safe, habitable environment. One of the most common issues tenants face when it comes to dangerous living conditions is the presence of mould in the property. Mould grows in environments with persistent dampness and has been known to cause several health concerns external link icon light blue. So, if your landlord hasn’t dealt with the mould issue, you could be eligible for compensation. At Claims Bible, we can help you understand your rights and guide you through the claims process.

How much compensation for damp and mould?

The amount of compensation for damp and mould in your property depends largely on the extent of the damage and its impact on your belongings and health. Compensation can cover a variety of losses external link icon light blue, including damage to personal property, costs of repairs and cleaning, medical expenses due to health issues caused by mould exposure, and in some cases, emotional distress. Generally, the worse the damage and the more significant the impact on your life, the higher the compensation can be. At Claims Bible, we’ll work with you to understand your unique circumstances and ensure that every issue stemming from the mould will be factored into your claim.

How much mould is too much?

Any sign of mould in your property is a worrying sign, but small amounts shouldn’t worry you too much. However, any substantial mould or persistent musty smells may be indicative of an underlying problem that requires attention. Mould grows due to excess moisture external link icon light blue, which can come from leaks, condensation, or poor ventilation. Health risks arise particularly when mould spores are inhaled, which can lead to respiratory problems, allergies, or more severe health issues. Legally, any amount of mould that affects your health or property is too much and can potentially form the basis of a compensation claim.

What is the process for making a mould compensation claim?

Making a mould compensation claim might seem difficult at first, especially if you’re compromised living situation is adding to the stress. That’s why our team at Claims Bible are so helpful for these types of claims, as we take all of the difficulty out of the equation for you. With our expertise, you can build a claim quickly and improve your chances of success. Here’s how our claims process works:

Gathering evidence

To help support your claim, we’ll need to gather as much evidence that demonstrates the mould issue as possible. This could include things like photographs showing the growth of mould over time, medical records or correspondence between you and your landlord about the mould problem.

Legal support

Next, we’ll team you up with our competent legal partners who will provide you with legal support and guidance. These legal professionals have lots of experience handling mould claims and will be able to assess the specific merits of your case. In doing so, your legal team will devise the most suitable path forward for your claim.

Lodging your complaint

Once the legal team has established your claim, they will likely move to file a complaint against your landlord. This is typically achieved by reaching out to a regulatory body such as the Housing Ombudsman external link icon light blue.


Your legal team might decide to try and enter negotiations with your landlord to settle the case out of court. This is an opportunity for the landlord to offer you a settlement for compensation instead of taking it through the court system. This option can be useful because it’s faster than a court hearing, but if your landlord doesn’t provide a suitable settlement we can proceed to the next step.

Legal action

The last stage of the claims process is where we take your claim to court. Your claim will be heard in front of a judge or arbitration panel, who will decide the amount of compensation you should receive.

What evidence do I need to make a mould claim?

Strong evidence is a key component for a successful mould compensation claim. At Claims Bible, we can advise you on the best types of evidence you should use to support your claim. This might include things like photographs or videos showing the state of the property and the level of mould. Other forms of evidence might include medical reports to show how your health has deteriorated due to the presence of mould in your property. Any correspondence between you and your landlord can also act as evidence to show that they were aware of the issue.

No win no fee mould compensation claims

At Claims Bible, we work on a no win, no fee basis. This allows us to remove any financial barriers for victims of issues like mould in their property and gives them a chance to fight for the compensation they’re entitled to. If the case isn’t a success, then you won’t have to pay any legal fees or other charges. If we win, then we can take payment through the compensation you receive.

What are the time limits for making a mould compensation claim?

Time limits for making a claim can vary, but generally, you must file a claim within three years of either the date you first noticed the mould or the date you became aware that it might have adversely affected your health. We strongly recommend starting your claim sooner rather than later to avoid any issues with missing this deadline.

How much compensation can I get for mould?

Compensation amounts will depend on the specific circumstances of your claim, so it’s hard to pin down an exact value for compensation. For minor issues, compensation might cover only the repair costs. In more severe cases, where long-term health effects have occurred, compensation can be substantially higher. Each case must be evaluated on its own merits, considering the extent of exposure, costs incurred, and the impact on quality of life.

How long do mould claims take?

The duration of a mould claim can vary based on its complexity, the responsiveness of the involved parties, and the efficiency of the legal process. Simple cases might be resolved within a few months, while more complex cases could take years, especially if they go to trial. Working with our team at Claims Bible ensures that your claim is handled expertly, so your case will be resolved as quickly as possible. Working with Claims Bible means that you get the best legal experts fighting your corner to get the compensation you deserve. Start your claim today and check your eligibility in 5 minutes with our simple claims form.
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