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No Win No Fee Solicitors

If you have had an accident that was not your fault, you could be eligible for compensation. If you cannot afford hefty lawyer fees, our no win no fee solicitors may be able to take your case and cover the bill so you don’t have to.

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What is a No Win No Fee Solicitor?

A no win no fee solicitor is one that is willing to take on a case free of charge, under the premise that they will be able to recover their costs from the positive outcome of the settlement.

At Claims Bible we understand that legal fees are costly and this can stop someone from potentially proceeding with a legitimate injury claim.

However, if you had an accident that was not your fault whether it was an accident at work, a fall in a public place or a road traffic accident, we have a team of excellent and experienced lawyers who are happy to act on your behalf and place legal action on the company or individual who may have been responsible for your injury.

The no win no fee agreement is also known as a ‘conditional fee arrangement’ because the solicitor only earns on the basis that your claims outcome is successful. The fees they receive will be a percentage of the overall claim and be typically paid out by the opponent.

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How Does a No Win No Fee Claim Work?

With a no win no win accident claim, it is up to the solicitor to decide if your case is claimsworthy. Any additional evidence, footage, medical reports, documents or correspondence will help to strengthen your claim.

On the basis that your claim has potential, our solicitors will take the next steps to process and put forward your claim.

In doing so, the solicitor will take out an insurance policy on your behalf and this will protect them if your outcome is unsuccessful, known as ‘After The Event insurance’ (ATE).

How Do I Check My Eligibility With Claims Bible?

The process starts with a simple application on the Claims Bible website. We just require some basic contact details and some information about your claim, injury or accident.

Your claim will be passed onto our expert panel of solicitors who will personally review each claim on a case-by-case basis.

It is very simple. If you win your claim, you will receive compensation as decided by the arbitrators or judges and the legal fees will either be deducted by your overall compensation or paid directly by the losing opponent.

If you lose your case, you do not owe anything to anyone! The solicitor accepts the risk of taking on your case under the agreement of no win, no fee.

Did you know?

A No Win No Fee arrangement is also known as a Conditional Fee Agreement or CFA.

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What Type of Personal Injuries Or Claims Can You Make With a No Win No Fee Solicitor?

You can check your eligibility for a no win no fee claim for any personal injuries or accidents you have sustained within the last 3 years including:

  • Accidents in public places – any personal injuries from falls caused by slippery or wet floor, falling down stairs, hit by falling objects and more.
  • Accidents at work – including falls, head injuries, arm injuries, sprained ankles, objects falling on you, heavy lifting, back injuries, deafness, blindness and more.
  • Accidents or illnesses abroad – including food poisoning, falls or injuries sustained at hotels, theme parks, airlines, airports, exposure to harmful substances
  • Asbestos exposure – either at home, work or abroad
  • Medical negligence – poor or unsuitable advice from a medical professional that resulted in additional pain or expenses, loss of income, further medical advice or treatment required, wrong medication and more.
  • Military accidents – from deafness, medical negligence, non-freezing cold injuries and more.
  • Road traffic accidents – a victim of a car accident that was not your fault, drink driving, poor driving, personal injury, damage to vehicles or private property, cycling, pedestrian, bus, hit and run and more.
  • Financial claim – if you believed that you have been poorly advised or your financial advisor or partner was negligent, you could be eligible for compensation.
  • Shareholder dispute – if shares within your company have been sold on your behalf or without your consent, this could result in a shareholder dispute claim.

Things That Strengthen Your Claim

You claim is more likely to be approved by a no win no solicitor and indeed more likely to lead to a positive outcome if:

  • The injury resulted in a loss of income
  • The injury required you to take time off work
  • You incurred further costs including medical bills, repairs and replacements
  • There was wrongdoing by an individual or organisation
  • You have written to the individual or organisation and have not been successful

Some Conditions

The incident must have:

  • Taken place in the last 3 years (although some courts may extend this)
  • There is some evidence of wrongdoing – lack of signs, lack of warnings, lack of terms and conditions
  • Any further evidence in terms of medical reports, proof of costs, footage or documentation is encouraged

What Happens if I Win My Case?

If you win your settlement, which might take several weeks or months depending on the size and severity of the case, you could receive a healthy compensation in the hundreds, thousands or even millions of pounds.

The payment of a compensation claim is often very fast, since the compensator is required by law to pay this within a short timeframe.

When the outcome is successful, you will be required to pay:

  • Any outstanding legal fees (most will be paid by the opponent)
  • The cost of the insurance policy (will vary depending on size of the claim)
  • A “success fee” to the lawyer which may be agreed

Did you know?

No win no fee lawyers don’t just help with personal injury, they have helped “unprecedented” numbers of women win claims against employers for failing to adhere to the 1970 Equal Pay Act,

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Do I Have To Pay If I Lose My Case?

No, the best part of working no win no fee solicitors is that if your claim is unsuccessful, you do not owe anything at all.

The solicitor will not charge you anything understanding the risks involved beforehand with taking on your claim. Meanwhile, the insurance policy taken out by the solicitor will cover any legal fees and costs.

Where Can I Find a No Win No Fee Solicitor Near Me?

Our employment solicitors cover the entire UK, Scotland and Wales. We can pair you with a local solicitor so that you can meet face-to-face if need be and have someone close by to support you from start to finish.

We are pleased to offer no win no fees solicitors in London and other major cities and towns including Birmingham, Brighton, Bournemouth, Bristol, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leicester, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Oxford, Reading, Sheffield, Southampton, Sunderland and more.

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How Much Can I Make From a Personal Injury Claim?

Type of Injury Compensation Guide
Head/Face £1.5k – £300k
Deafness £10k – £80k
Whiplash £300 – £5k
Shoulder Injury £6k – £10k
Back Injury £10k – £20k
Hip or Pelvis Injury £3k – £100k
Wrist Injury £3k – £40k
Hernia Injury £2.5k – £20k
Ankle Injury £11k – £50k
PTSD £3k – £80k

Did you know?

In most No Win No Fee cases, your solicitor will take 25%.

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Why Choose Claims Bible as Your No Win No Fee Lawyer?

As one of our leading claims websites in the UK, we are passionate about understanding every individual case we receive and pairing you with the right partner and solicitor, specifically for your requirements.

In this way, we can ensure that you have the best possible chance of being taken on by a quality lawyer and indeed proceeding and winning your compensation claim.

Within our panel, we have specific no win no fee solicitors for medical negligence and road traffic accidents, hoping to get you in touch with someone with the most experience and chance of success.

To date, we have helped thousands of customers claim back millions of pounds and we hope that by putting you in touch with the right solicitor and partner that you are one step closer to putting this incident behind you and moving forward in your life in the best way possible.

Our services are completely free to use and always will be and we are proud to be fully transparent on any costs involved with no hidden fees. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly if you have any personal questions or queries. We are here to help by emailing us at

Did you know?

The largest ever payout in the UK for personal injury damages was £28 million.

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