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This lender offers a flexible credit line with a direct link to your bank account allowing smart-top ups if you approach your overdraft and auto repayments if your bank balance increases. If you’ve borrowed from SafeyNet in the past you could have a claim.

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Who are SafetyNet?

SafeyNet are a trading style of Indigo Michael Ltd established in 2011. Unlike other loan companies SafetyNet offer a flexible line of credit of up to £500 to new customers and £1000 to repeat customers at 0.8% interest per day. Their USP is that they use Open Banking to link to your bank account allowing them to monitor your account and either top up or repay as required.

What’s the current situation?

SafetyNet have a 48.9m loan book** and are showing growth from the previous year, 2019. Their profit after tax saw a 555% jump from 2019 to 2020, which suggests they are in good financial standing. If you’ve had a loan from them in the past, you should check your claim now.

What is the deadline?

SafetyNet are lending in Jan 2022 and have shown growth in recent years. They have a defendable USP which could protect them against competition in the market. This means there’s no immediate deadline and you can start your claim immediately.

Key stats

Success Rate
The FOS are upholding claims against SafetyNet as reported in this case in 2016. The FOS ruled that the information they had suggested the claimant was living beyond his means and therefore further borrowing should not have been granted, suggesting that SafetyNet may have been lending irresponsibly. If you’ve had a loan with SafetyNet in the past, you should check now.

Average Payout
Based on our own data, the average claim is £1,604.06*

*Data from cash refund offers received by Clear Legal Marketing Limited’s clients between 1st May 2021 and 30th April 2022.

**Year End 2020 – Companies House 

Why choose Claims Bible?

100% Confidentiality

Being discreet is part of our business, our legal representatives will never discuss your case without your permission.

Proven Track Record

So far we’ve handled over 10,000 cases and claimed back over £2,000,000 for our clients so you are in safe hands.

Claim Professionals

We partner with specialist firms so your claim is handled by an expert who is familiar with your type of claim.

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Don’t delay. Check now.

Don’t miss out on £100’s or even £1,000’s in compensation you could be entitled to. Checking only takes 5 minutes and could have more than one claim if you’ve used multiple lenders. We check over 15 lenders for you in just one quick form.

You do not need to use a claims management company to make your complaint to your lender. If your complaint is not successful you can refer it to the Financial Ombudsman Service for free. Claims Bible does not charge you for our service, we may be paid a fee by the final supplier for any introductions. This will not impact on any costs incurred by you.

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