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No Win, No Fee Solicitor in Manchester

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Manchester based no win, no fee employment solicitor

Manchester is one of the major cities located in the northern part of England. It has a huge industrial heritage and a population of 586,100 residents . Interestingly, Manchester was responsible for the country’s first-ever working canal in 1761 and the world’s first-ever railway line in 1830.

Manchester is an excellent place for lawyers, with several thriving law firms. Some of these firms handle personal injury cases resulting from harm caused by a negligent party. So, if another person’s carelessness hurts you, you can request financial compensation.

However, you may shy away from hiring a solicitor because of legal fees. But there are no win no fee solicitors Manchester who can represent you without upfront payment. We explain what this means below. Contact Claims Bible to know the worth of your injury claim.

What Is a No Win No Fee Payment Structure?

Also known as a conditional fee or a contingency fee agreement, a no win no fee payment helps you get legal representation without worrying about solicitor fees. You don’t pay them upfront unless they win your case and get you compensation. As a result, no win no fee solicitors Manchester do not get paid if they lose.

This fee structure works for personal injury claims like:

  • Premises liability
  • Defective products
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Workplace accident
  • Public place accident
  • Medical negligence
  • Military accidents, etc

What To Expect When Entering a No Win No Fee Agreement

When you visit a law firm for an initial consultation, the solicitor will examine your case to determine if they will take it on a no win no fee basis. If the risk outweighs the benefit, they may choose not to represent you. But if there’s a good chance of success, they will draw up the conditional fee agreement (CFA).

At the successful completion of your case, the law firm takes its fees, and the defendant pays the cost of the case. This could be money spent on hiring witnesses, filing fees, etc. However, you pay the defendant’s costs if the claim fails, but no money goes to your lawyer.

Your solicitor would likely open an After the Event (ATE) insurance policy at the beginning of the claims process. If you lose, the insurance covers the costs of the case. Note that if you misrepresented any fact about the event that harmed you, the CFA ceases, and the solicitor will demand payment for expenses from you.

Furthermore, a solicitor can only charge a success fee of no more than 25% of the damages for pain and suffering, loss of amenity, and past losses. In addition, your solicitor cannot deduct money from the compensation for future losses. Finally, ensure the percentage and other terms regarding costs are clearly stated in the CFA.

Take the First Step With Claims Bible

Working with no win no fee solicitors in Manchester is crucial for the success of your personal injury claim. However, there’s a step you must take before hiring a solicitor — determining your case’s worth.

At Claims Bible, our personal injury compensation calculator shows you how much to expect as compensation. This way, you make more informed decisions. So take the first step by filling out the contact form now.

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