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In 2021 alone, over a million external link icon light blue legal cases went through magistrates’ and Crown courts in the United Kingdom. Such a high level of demand means that finding a solicitor that is right for you whilst being affordable can be a difficult process. This isn’t something that you can avoid either, with solicitors making strong legal arguments on your behalf and significantly improving your chances of success in your case.

This is where no win no fee solicitors come in. Having the right no win no fee solicitor takes a lot of the risk out of the process for you, and means that you can get the best possible outcome from your legal situation without having to worry about the drastic cost of a solicitor. Find out more about what a no win no fee solicitor London claimants trust is, and find out exactly how a no win no fee solicitor works in a legal setting.

What does no win no fee mean?

No win no fee is a relatively simple process. These agreements, also known as conditional fee agreements, are arrangements between a solicitor and a client which means the client doesn’t pay a contingency fee for the solicitor’s services if the claim isn’t successful. One of the main things that put people off legal action is the potential cost of taking action against someone that has wronged them. These agreements mean that the risk is completely removed from the process, with clients and claimants being financially secure even if they aren’t successful in their case.

Solicitors do still get paid in the event of a win, with a certain proportion of the compensation fee going to the solicitor thanks to them winning the case. The specific percentage can vary depending on a few factors. Overall, the no win no fee structure was designed to give people in less fortunate situations the opportunity to access the legal system and be able to protect themselves from wrongdoers. The system’s greater accessibility clearly does that.

How does no win no fee solicitors work?

No win no fee legal processes follow the same general structure as any other legal case. After you initially get in contact with the legal office, there is a short fact-finding period in which you provide as much evidence as possible to the legal office and they learn what they can about the case. This early stage helps the legal firm to establish whether the case is winnable and is the point at which both sides of the agreement decide whether or not to work with one another.

After signing an agreement, the process continues like any other court case or claim. The solicitor works closely together with the claimant to build an argument and gather the evidence before finally reaching the court date, in which the claimant and the solicitor argue for the claimant’s cause. Finally, the claim reaches a final judgement. If successful, the solicitor receives their fee and the two sides of the agreement part amicably. It’s a win-win situation, in which a claimant gets to work with a high-quality lawyer without initial investment and a solicitor gets paid based on the quality of their work, something that the majority of people in the legal profession take a lot of pride in.

Are no win no fee solicitors any good?

In terms of technical standard, there is no difference between a standard solicitor and a no win no fee solicitor. The two require the same qualifications, the same amount of time in education and the same rigorous hiring and training programmes from their employers. Payment method is the only way that the two really differ from one another, meaning that you receive a high standard of legal support either way.

One of the main reasons that a no win no fee solicitor is good is that they have clear confidence in their own abilities and legal understanding. There is a financial motive actively in place to help to inspire a solicitor to achieve better results than they could otherwise, and whilst this doesn’t necessarily make a difference to their performance, it could be a factor. If a solicitor only gets paid for their wins, they have far more of a reason to fight for every client and explore every avenue of argument.

What percentage do solicitors take for no win no fee?

The amount of compensation that a solicitor takes as a fee when working on a no win no fee basis varies based on a few factors. The first of these factors is the specific solicitor that you work with. Different solicitors specialise in certain industries thanks to their experience, with some choosing to charge less than others as a means of staying competitive. Others can charge more if they have more experience than their rivals. There are some examples of the courts themselves external link icon light blue stepping in over fees, such as a case in which a legal firm tried to claim 100% of the compensation in a case.

Another major factor defining the fees that you pay a solicitor in a no win no fee agreement is the law itself. The percentage that solicitors take currently has a cap of 25%. This is in place to stop potentially predatory legal firms from taking advantage of their clients, effectively protecting claimants and ensuring that they will personally see recourse for their issues, rather than simply taking a moral victory and the monetary reward going to a solicitor. Some solicitors take less than 25% as a means of competing, but as a general rule, you can expect the maximum payout to be approximately a quarter of the compensation you are due.

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