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No Win, No Fee Solicitor in Liverpool

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Liverpool based no win, no fee employment solicitor

Over half a million people reside in Liverpool, a city rich in history and famous for its seaport and architectural landmarks. Its notable landmarks include the Merseyside County Museum and Library, the International Slave Museum, and several centuries-old cathedrals. Liverpool also hosts the Anfield stadium, one of the most iconic sports centres globally.

Liverpool has a robust legal community too. So if you need some of the best legal services and representation in the Northwest of England and the UK, you can find them in Liverpool. Among them are the no win, no fee solicitors.

The no win no fee system is a legal arrangement between solicitors and their clients. We discuss no win no fee solicitors Liverpool in this article. Contact us at Claims Bible if you need more information and help to calculate your compensation.

What Is the No Win No Fee Structure About?

The no win no fee payment structure helps clients get legal representation without paying upfront fees. Also known as the conditional fee payment system, it only requires clients to pay for legal services when their personal injury cases succeed.
This means that solicitors will only get paid if they win compensation for their clients. So, for example, if you take a personal injury case to a no win no fee solicitor Liverpool, they will begin work on your case without taking any commission for their services.

If your solicitor recovers compensation, they get a percentage of the settlement amount. This percentage will be agreed upon before beginning the claims process.

After the Event Insurance (ATE)

An After the Event (ATE) insurance is an insurance plan solicitors buy before entering a no win no fee arrangement with clients. The ATE shields the client from financial responsibility if the case fails to attract compensation. In addition, the ATE will take care of the case’s expenses and any additional legal costs incurred.
Besides the lawyer fees, other deductibles from your compensation include:

  • The ATE charges
  • The ‘success fee,’ for the risk your solicitor bears
  • Any additional costs like transportation, court, postage, and expert witness fees

What if I Pull Out of the Agreement?

During the claims process, you can pull out in the middle of a no win no fee arrangement. However, doing this will mean paying for your solicitor’s services. Your solicitor will demand the fees for work done before your disengagement, and rightfully so.

What Will My No Win No Fee Solicitor Liverpool Do for Me?

Your solicitor plays a lead role in your claims process. Typically, your solicitor will carry out activities like:

  • Investigate the incident or hire private investigators
  • Contact the at-fault party’s insurance company or legal representative to begin negotiations
  • Secure the cooperation and testimony of the eyewitnesses and expert witnesses
  • Prepare you for deposition and a court appearance
  • File for litigation if necessary
  • Gather documentary evidence like medical records and accident reports
  • Represent you in court

How Much Is My Claim Worth?

If you intend to pursue a personal injury claim, it is a brilliant idea to find out how much compensation you deserve. This way, you know what you expect to receive before hiring a solicitor.

An easy way to find out the worth of your claim is using a claim calculator from Claims Bible. Fill out the contact form now to get started.

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