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Spread Betting Scam Claims

If you have been a victim of a scam involving spread betting, you may be able to claim a refund, start your claim today.

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Gambling in the UK is incredibly popular and is an industry worth around £11 billion external link icon light blue. There are many different ways to make bets, from fixed-odds betting to spread betting. Spread betting is unique in that the payout value is based on the accuracy of the bet, rather than a win/lose payout. It also extends into the world of investment where it can be used as a derivative investment strategy.

Unfortunately, many people who try spread betting fall victim to scams – either through shady brokers or scammers pretending to act as a legitimate trading platform. If you have been a victim of a spread betting scam, then our team at Claims Bible can help you fight for compensation. We make it easy for you to make a claim and seek fair compensation for the money you lost from the scam.

What are spread betting scam claims?

Spread betting scams are growing in popularity as scammers pretend to act as professional traders or spread betting platforms. In reality, they offer deceptive advice, faulty tools and aim to fleece victims out of their money. There are many examples external link icon light blue of people losing thousands of pounds to these scams, causing immense suffering in the process.
Spread betting scam claims are a way for victims to fight back and seek compensation after being scammed. At Claims Bible, we can help you if you have been scammed by guiding you through the claims process. This will make it easy for you, while also ensuring your claim has the best chance of success.

Do you qualify for a spread betting scam claim?

If you have previously been scammed out of your money through a spread betting scam, then you might be eligible for a claim. At Claims Bible, we can look at the merits of your claim for you to let you know your eligibility. We will mainly look at the nature of the claim, as well as any evidence that shows how the scammer deceived you.

What evidence do you need to make a spread betting scam claim?

Making a successful spread betting scam claim typically requires you to have a solid body of evidence to demonstrate the nature of the scam. The right evidence can help ascertain what happened, how much money you lost and other factors that go towards the final decision of your claim. Some key pieces of evidence to gather include:


Screenshots can be a useful form of evidence as it has the potential to show the spread betting platform malfunctioning or displaying incorrect figures. This type of evidence might be used to show exactly how the spread betting scam was performed.


If you have had any correspondence with the scamming party, such as email conversations or text messages, this can be useful. This evidence can create a timeline for your interactions with the scammer and may highlight the misleading or deceptive behaviour they used to target you.

Bank statements

Bank statements and other financial records are very important pieces of evidence to bring into your claim. These records can indicate the scale of the scam, how much money you lost and how long it went on. All of this can help establish the amount of compensation you could receive following a successful claim.

Terms and conditions

If the scamming party provided you with terms and conditions for using their services, it could be a useful piece of evidence for your claim. If the document has any deceptive language, undelivered promises or misleading terminology it could bolster the success of your case.

How much compensation could you get for a spread betting scam claim?

How much you receive following a successful spread betting scam claim will vary based on the specifics of your case. There are a few key areas that will determine the value of your claim, including the amount of money you lost, the duration of the scam and other factors. In some cases, you may be able to apply for additional damages resulting from emotional distress external link icon light blue if the scam severely affected your life.

How long are spread betting scam claims?

Spread betting scam claims have a variable duration that is based on the specifics of your case. Things like the complexity of the case, the amount of evidence provided and the efficiency of the courts at the time all go towards the timeframe of your case. Working with our team at Claims Bible will ensure the fastest resolution possible, as we understand the best way to handle your claim efficiently.

What is the claims process for a spread betting scam claim?

Making a successful spread betting scam claim might feel like an intimidating task at first, but with our help at Claims Bible it’s really simple. We have a straightforward process for making your claim, and will be able to guide you through each step with ease. Here’s how it works:

Finding evidence

The first stage involves finding evidence to support your spread betting scam claim. The right evidence can demonstrate exactly how the scam occurred, how much you lost and what you’ll be entitled to. Key evidence here includes things like your bank statements and any correspondence between you and the scammer.

Legal guidance

Next, we’ll team you up with our legal partners who will handle your claim for you. These legal professionals have expertise in scam claims external link icon light blue and will help find the best path forward for your case.

Making a complaint

Now, it’s time to try and get your compensation. The first approach involves making a complaint against the scammer, which is achieved through the most appropriate regulatory body. Complaints are a great place to start, but if it doesn’t get you the compensation you seek we can move on to the next stage.

Negotiations and mediation

Another route we can try is attempting to chair negotiations or mediation with the scamming party. This can be useful as it speeds up the claims process by removing the need to go to court. However, if the scamming party can’t provide a sufficient settlement, we’ll proceed to court action.

Legal action

The final step is taking your claim through the courts to seek compensation. This will involve using all of the evidence gathered to present your case in front of a judge or arbitration panel. They will listen to your case and make a final decision on the outcome, including the amount of compensation you receive.

At Claims Bible, we aim to make every part of this process as simple and stress-free as possible for you. We understand that you’ve already been through enough – so let our team help you seek compensation without the hassle. Ready to get started? Claim now. Check your eligibility for a spread betting scam claim by completing our online form today.

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