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Bitcoin Scam Claims

If you have been a victim of a scam involving Bitcoin, you may be able to claim a refund, start your claim today.

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Cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm over the past few years, offering an alternative financial framework to traditional banking. Alongside this meteoric rise in popularity, many scammers have used popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to dupe victims out of their money or personal details. If you believe that you have been a victim of a Bitcoin scam, then there is hope. At Claims Bible, we make the process of making a Bitcoin scam claim easy and stress-free. That way, you can claim the compensation you’re entitled to without having to fight for it.

What are Bitcoin scam claims?

The cryptocurrency industry relies on different currencies to function, with the most popular type known as Bitcoin external link icon light blue. As this is the largest and most widely known form of cryptocurrency, many scammers use the promise of high returns when trading with Bitcoin. However, these scammers only offer false hope for victims, who are often left severely out of pocket. In some cases, these scams aim to target identity theft external link icon light blue, too, which only adds to the suffering of victims.
At Claims Bible, we help scam victims by helping them file a Bitcoin scam claim. This puts them on the path towards seeking fair compensation for the losses and damage they have endured as a result of the scam. With our expertise and the help of our legal partners, we want to make the process of claiming easier from start to finish.

Do you qualify for a Bitcoin scam claim?

Qualifying for a Bitcoin scam claim will largely depend on your circumstances and how you can demonstrate the scam occurred. Any losses that you have experienced due to deceptive practices can be claimed for, giving you a chance to claim back the cash you’ve lost. At Claims Bible, we can help you understand your rights when making your claim and will be able to connect you with our legal partners. This will give your claim the best chance of success.

What evidence do you need to make a Bitcoin scam claim?

Once you’re on the road to making your Bitcoin scam claim, one of the first things you’ll want to do is gather evidence. This will help support your claim and hopefully show evidence of the scam. Some of the main pieces of evidence used in these claims include:

Visual Evidence

Visual evidence of the scam occurring is really useful, as it demonstrates the nature of the scam and how it happened. You can use screenshots of you speaking with the scammer, or other images that show the extent of the scam.


Any correspondence between you and the scammer will be useful, as this can create a timeline of events and show the scam as it happened. This might include text messages, emails or letters from the scammer.

Financial Records

Another important piece of evidence commonly used in Bitcoin scam claims are financial records and bank statements. This acts as a paper trail that documents incoming and outgoing funds. This is important as it can help calculate the value of your claim.

Terms and Conditions

In some cases, you may have signed up for a contract during the Bitcoin scam. If this is the case, then holding onto the contract can be a useful way to demonstrate how the scammer pulled it off.

How much compensation could you get for a Bitcoin scam claim?

As Bitcoin scam claims are based on the specifics of each case, there isn’t a standard value for each claim. The compensation you receive following a successful claim will depend on the level of financial loss and suffering you experienced. There are a few other factors that will be taken into account, such as the duration of the scam and other damages you may have faced as a result of the experience.

How long are Bitcoin scam claims?

Much like the value of claims, the duration of a Bitcoin scam claim varies based on the specific nature of the case. In some claims, the case can be resolved in a matter of weeks. For cases with greater complexity, then it could take months before a resolution is reached. The timeframe will vary based on the complexity of the case, the amount of evidence collected and the efficiency of the court system at the time.

What is the claims process for a Bitcoin scam claim?

Bitcoin scam claims can be a stressful ordeal, but with the help of our claim partners at Claims Bible the process is much easier to follow. We have extensive experience in working on these cases and understand the steps you’ll need to take to find success. Below is a general breakdown of how the claims process works:

Collecting Evidence

Your claim will require a solid body of evidence to demonstrate the nature of the Bitcoin scam and how it affected you. Some of the key pieces of evidence used here include correspondence between you and the scammer alongside financial records that demonstrate the magnitude of the scam.

Legal Assessment

After gathering the evidence, we’ll team you up with our legal partners who specialise in cryptocurrency scams external link icon light blue. They will be able to assess the merits of your claim and devise the best course of action for you.

Making Your Complaint

Once your legal team have looked at your case, it’s time to file a formal complaint. This will be put through the most appropriate channel at the time, whether that’s a consumer protection agency or financial regulatory body. In some instances, it might be best to go through the courts directly.


Before we take your case to court, we’ll attempt negotiations or mediation first. This gives both parties the opportunity to come to a resolution and settlement without having to go to court. If they don’t offer a satisfactory settlement, then we’ll proceed to the courtroom.

Legal Action

If all other avenues have failed, then we’ll proceed to take your case to court. This is your opportunity to show the courts the nature of the scam through the body of evidence collected. From here, it will be up to the judge or arbitration panel to decide the final outcome.

At Claims Bible, we want to fight in your corner to help you seek compensation through a Bitcoin scam claim. We aim to make every step of the process as simple for you as possible, while also ensuring your case has the best chance of success. Claim now. Check your eligibility for a Bitcoin scam claim by completing our online form today.

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