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Claim your QuickQuid loan refund

The UK’s former biggest payday lender is in administration and the claims deadline has now passed, which means you can’t claim. If you’ve had a loan with another company you may have a claim, so it’s best to check now

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Who are QuickQuid?

QuikQuid was owned by CashEuroNet UK LLC who also traded at,, and in the UK. QuickQuid was the UK’s largest lender before it shut in 2019 leaving behind 3,000 unresolved FOS cases after it’s owner Enova left the industry due to increasing regulatory ‘uncertainty’, according to the Mirror newspaper.

What’s the current situation?

Administrators Grant Thorton were appointed on 25 October 2019 and opened a claims portal which ran from August 2020 and 14 February 2021. The deadline has now passed so you can’t claim. For further details on the administration, see the Administrators Progress Report .

What is the deadline?

The claims deadline closed 14 February 2021 and the administrators have a deadline of March 2022 to pay a dividend to unsecured creditors.

Key stats

Success Rate
Unfortunately we’re not submitting claims against this lender as the deadline has passed.

Average Payout
The average claim against the lender is around £1,700 and according to the Administrators they are expecting to pay out 30p to 50p in the £, making the expected average payout £850.

Why choose Claims Bible?

100% Confidentiality

Being discreet is part of our business, our legal representatives will never discuss your case without your permission.

Proven Track Record

So far we’ve handled over 10,000 cases and claimed back over £2,000,000 for our clients so you are in safe hands.

Claim Professionals

We partner with specialist firms so your claim is handled by an expert who is familiar with your type of claim.

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You may still have a claim

We cannot claim against this lender because they are in administration. However, that doesn’t mean you may not have another claim against another lender. Our software checks multiple lenders in just 5 minutes, so why not check now?

You do not need to use a claims management company to make your complaint to your lender. If your complaint is not successful you can refer it to the Financial Ombudsman Service for free. Claims Bible does not charge you for our service, we may be paid a fee by the final supplier for any introductions. This will not impact on any costs incurred by you.