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Oplo Loan Refund Claims

If you ever had a loan from Oplo Loans, you may be able to claim compensation if the lender increased your credit limit without checking you could afford the repayments.

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Oplo Money claims

As many people are looking for help with their finances due to the cost of living crisis, external link icon light blue financial loan providers can appear to offer a way out. However, many people who take out these loans from providers like Oplo can find themselves in a worse financial position after taking out an unaffordable loan. Whether it’s through poor affordability checks or sky-high interest rates, many people are experiencing the pain of an unaffordable loan. Thankfully, there is a way to seek compensation against these providers by making an unaffordable loan claim against them. If you believe that Oplo has provided you with an unaffordable loan, then Claims Bible can help you seek compensation.

What are Oplo loan claims?

An unaffordable loan claim is a way for people who have been mis-sold an unaffordable loan external link icon light blue to seek compensation from companies like Oplo. If it turns out that Oplo provided you with an unaffordable loan, then you could receive a settlement to cover the financial hardship you endured. At Claims Bible, we can help you get a fair settlement from Oplo if they mis-sold you an unaffordable loan.

How to check your eligibility for an unaffordable loan claim

Determining whether or not the loan you received was unaffordable relies on a few different factors. Our team at Claims Bible can help you understand whether or not your claim has any merit, as well as helping you with making your claim. Here are some of the things we look out for:

  • Insufficient Affordability Assessment: Did Oplo provide you a loan without conducting a thorough affordability assessment?
  • High Interest Rates: Was your loan provided to you with high interest rates in the loan terms?
  • Early Repayment Fees: Were there early repayment fees included in the terms of your loan?
  • Rolling Loans: Did Oplo offer more loans to help you pay off your existing loan?
  • Vague Loan Terms: Did you struggle to understand the terms outlined in the loan?

How to make a Oplo unaffordable loan claim

Making an unaffordable loan claim against Oplo might seem daunting, but with the help that our team at Claims Bible provides it’s a stress-free process. We’ll give you a good understanding of your rights and what to expect throughout the process. Here’s how we can help strengthen your claim:

  • Finding Evidence: First, we’ll strengthen your claim by finding evidence to support your case. This might include things like correspondence between you and Oplo, bank statements or loan terms.
  • Drafting a Complaint: From here, we’ll begin making your complaint against Oplo. We’ll bring together all of the evidence to make your case as compelling as possible.
  • Speaking with Oplo: When we’ve drafted your complaint, we’ll then provide it to Oplo directly. This will let them know about the complaint and give them a chance to offer you a settlement.
  • Complaining to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS): If the settlement you receive from Oplo isn’t satisfactory, we can advance your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). They will provide an impartial ruling about your case at a tribunal.

The deadline to submit your Oplo loan claim

If you want to make sure you get a chance to seek compensation for your unaffordable loan from Oplo, then it’s important to know about the associated deadlines. external link icon light blue There is a six year deadline to make your claim against Oplo, which runs from when you first knew that the loan was unaffordable. There is also a second deadline associated with making your complaint to the FOS, which is six months from when Oplo offered you a final response about your claim.

How much is an Oplo unaffordable loan claim worth?

The level of compensation that you receive following a successful Oplo unaffordable loan claim will depend on the specifics of your case. The final outcome will factor in things like how much the initial loan was valued at, the interest you had paid on it and the level of financial hardship you experienced as a result of the loan. Your compensation might incorporate the total loan principal, the interest you paid and further compensation for the financial difficulties you suffered.

How to start your claim against Oplo

To begin your unaffordable loan claim against Oplo, it helps to have a professional look at your case. At Claims Bible, we can help you understand how your claim is likely to proceed, as well as guide you through the entire process from start to finish. With our guidance, you give your claim the best chance of success by giving you all of the tools you need to win.

Let Claims Bible help you settle a Oplo unaffordable loan claim

Our team at Claims Bible are here to help you seek fair compensation for the damage caused by an unaffordable loan. We can help you take on Oplo by breaking down the process for you, partnering you up with a competent legal professional and taking the stress out of things. We aim to help you fight for your rights and receive compensation to help you get back on good financial standing.

Why choose Claims Bible?

100% Confidentiality

Being discreet is part of our business, our legal representatives will never discuss your case without your permission.

Proven Track Record

So far we’ve handled over 10,000 cases and claimed back over £2,000,000 for our clients so you are in safe hands.

Claim Professionals

We partner with specialist firms so your claim is handled by an expert who is familiar with your type of claim.

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