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Hitachi Capital (Novuna) loan claims

If you ever had a loan from Hitachi Capital you may be able to claim compensation if the proper affordability checks were not carried out.

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Hitachi Capital (Novuna) loan claims

Hitachi Capital – now operating under the name Novuna – is one of many loan providers that offers various types of financial products to customers. By not taking into account various factors like affordability checks, external link icon light blue countless people have fallen into debt due to irresponsible lending practices.

If you’ve been affected by a mis-sold loan from a company like Hitachi Capital (Novuna), then you might be eligible to make a claim against them. At Claims Bible, we work with you to assess the validity of your case before helping you seek fair compensation for the mis-sold loan. So if you think you might have a claim, our experts at Claims Bible are here to help.

What are Hitachi Capital (Novuna) loan claims?

Hitachi Capital (Novuna) is one of many lenders that offer various financial products to customers. A growing number of people are making unaffordable loan claims against lenders as they feel that they were mis-sold financial products for various reasons. This form of mis-selling happens when companies don’t perform proper due diligence through processes like affordability checks. Other reasons to bring an unaffordable loan claim against these lenders include poor explanations of terms and conditions for the loan or presenting misleading information to customers.

How to check your eligibility for an unaffordable loan claim

In order to check your eligibility for an unaffordable loan claim against Hitachi Capital (Novuna), it’s important to consider a few different factors. These will help you understand whether or not you were mis-sold a financial product. external link icon light blue The main factors to consider include:

  • Insufficient Affordability Assessment: If Hitachi Capital (Novuna) didn’t conduct an affordability assessment before offering you a loan, which led to unaffordable loan repayments, you could make a claim.
  • Excessive Interest Rates: If your loan had significantly high interest rates that were either poorly explained or hidden, and you experienced financial burden as a result, you’re eligible to claim.
  • Early Repayment Fees: If you weren’t made aware of any early repayment charges which subsequently added to the total cost of the loan, then you may be eligible to make a claim.
  • Rolling Loans: If you were advised or recommended to get another loan to help pay for your existing one, then you may be entitled to make a claim.
  • Lasting Damage: If the longevity of the loan terms were hard to understand or not made clear, resulting in financial burden, then you might have a claim against Hitachi Capital (Novuna).

Our work at Claims Bible aims to help you navigate the process of making an unaffordable loan claim against Hitachi Capital (Novuna) as simple as possible. We can look at the merits of your case, help you understand the process of making a claim and guide you through the process in a stress-free way. We strive to help you make your case against these lenders and help you receive fair compensation.

How to Make a Hitachi Capital (Novuna) unaffordable loan claim

Bringing an unaffordable loan claim against Hitachi Capital (Novuna) might seem difficult at first, but with our help we can take the stress and effort out of making this claim for you. Our experts at Claims Bible have significant experience in handling these cases, so we know how to make things as simple as possible. Here’s how we can help:

  • Obtain Relevant Information: We’ll work with you to obtain all of the relevant information to support your claim. This might include things like historic bank statements, terms and conditions of the loan and any correspondence between you and Hitachi Capital (Novuna).
  • Making Your Complaint: Once we’ve gathered the evidence for your case, we’ll then make a complaint that outlines how your loan was mis-sold to you.
  • Speaking With Hitachi Capital (Novuna): We’ll then submit our complaint directly to Hitachi Capital (Novuna) to attempt to agree to a settlement.
  • Escalating to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS): If a settlement can’t be reached, we’ll move your complaint up the chain to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). external link icon light blueThis impartial body will review your case at a tribunal.

Our team at Claims Bible will be involved throughout the entire process, from helping assess your case to partnering you with a specialist legal professional to help with your claim. You’ll receive timely, tailored advice and guidance to ensure that your claim is as strong as possible.

The deadline to submit your Hitachi Capital (Novuna) loan claim

There is a time constraint associated with making unaffordable loan claims against lenders like Hitachi Capital (Novuna). In the UK, the deadline for making these types of claims is six years from when you first learned that you were mis-sold a loan.

There’s also a deadline for making claims through the FOS of six months from when Hitachi Capital (Novuna) gave a final response on the matter.

How much is a Hitachi Capital (Novuna) unaffordable loan claim worth?

How much you receive if you win your unaffordable loan claim against Hitachi Capital (Novuna) varies depending on the circumstances of your case. The final amount will be determined by various aspects, such as the amount of the loan, the level of interest paid, any additional charges you experienced and the level of financial burden and strain it placed on you. If you make a successful claim, then you may receive a refund of the loan’s principal amount as well as any interest and compensation for distress and financial hardship endured.

How to start your claim against Hitachi Capital (Novuna)

Starting your case against Hitachi Capital (Novuna) for an unaffordable loan claim isn’t difficult – especially with our team at Claims Bible by your side. Our experts are with you every step of the way to help you understand the process and create the strongest case possible. Here’s how you can start your claim:

  • Seeking Professional Advice: First, you’ll want to seek professional advice to ensure your claim is as strong as possible. At Claims Bible, we specialise in these types of cases and can guide you through the process.
  • Gather the Right Documents: After we’ve established your claim, we’ll get to work on gathering all of the documents we need to support your case. This incorporates bank statements, terms of your loan and other important details.
  • Moving Your Case Forward: From here, our team at Claims Bible will work through your claim with you. This includes dealing with communication between the lender and the FSO, as well as partnering you up with a competent legal advisor.

Let Claims Bible help you settle a Hitachi Capital (Novuna) unaffordable loan claim

At Claims Bible, we understand how challenging it might seem to take on a big lender like Hitachi Capital (Novuna). However, our team of experienced specialists take the stress out of the process for you and work hard to make sure you have the best chance of making a successful claim with fair compensation. We understand the way these cases work and by having us in your corner you’ll be able to make your claim with as little stress as possible.

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