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Finio Loan Refund Claims

If you ever had a loan from Finio loans, you may be able to claim compensation if the lender increased your credit limit without checking you could afford the repayments.

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Finio Money claims

Many people rely on loans external link icon light blue to cover their expenses and unforeseen bills, but unfortunately this has pushed many deeper into debt. Financial providers such as Finio should provide loans that are affordable, which is typically determined by things like affordability checks. If the provider doesn’t perform their due diligence, then it might end up being an unaffordable loan for the customer. If you believe that this has happened to you, then you can make a claim against Finio and seek compensation.

What are Finio loan claims?

Finio loan claims allow customers who have received unaffordable loans from Finio to seek compensation. If it’s determined that Finio offered you an unaffordable loan, or mis-sold you a loan, then they could be culpable which results in you receiving a settlement. This compensation can help you get back on track financially.

How to check your eligibility for an unaffordable loan claim

If you think that you’ve experienced an unaffordable loan, external link icon light blue then you should check your eligibility to make a claim. Our specialists at Claims Bible can look at the specifics of your case to give you a better idea about your eligibility. We’ll look at the following:

  • Affordability Assessment: Was your loan provided to you following an affordability assessment?
  • Steep Interest Rates: Did you have high interest rates attached to the loan that Finio provided you?
  • Early Repayment Fees: Did you loan terms include conditions regarding early repayment fees or charges?
  • Rolling Loans: Did Finio offer a second, rolling loan to help you pay for your initial loan?
  • Unclear Loan Terms: Were the terms of the loan unclear to you or deliberately ambiguous?

How to make a Finio unaffordable loan claim

Getting your unaffordable loan claim against Finio started is your first step towards compensation. Our specialists at Claims Bible can help you understand how this process goes, as well as helping guide you through the claim. Here’s how we can help:

  • Gathering Evidence: The first thing we’ll do is gather as much useful evidence to support your unaffordable loan claim. We’ll bring together things like your loan terms and bank statements to outline how the loan was unaffordable.
  • Making a Complaint: We will then use this evidence to build your complaint against Finio. We’ll tailor it to your circumstances to give you the best chance of success.
  • Reaching Out to Finio: When your complaint is ready, we’ll deliver it straight to Finio. This gives them a chance to respond and offer a settlement.
  • Escalating to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS): If the settlement offered by Finio isn’t acceptable, we can move to advance your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service. They will make a judgement on your claim at an impartial tribunal.

The deadline to submit your Finio loan claim

There are deadlines external link icon light blue associated with unaffordable loan claims, so time may be of the essence. There is a six year deadline for making your claim against Finio, starting from when you first learned that the loan was unaffordable. There is a second deadline associated with escalating your complaint to the FOS, which is six months from the final response offered by Finio.

How much is a Finio unaffordable loan claim worth?

How much you’ll receive as compensation if your claim is successful will depend on the specific details around your case. This includes things like how much the initial loan was, how much interest was attached to it and the level of financial hardship you experienced as a result of the loan. If your claim is successful, you’ll potentially receive the full loan principal back, any interest paid and additional compensation for the financial difficulties you experienced.

How to start your claim against Finio

Starting your claim against Finio might seem stressful, but with Claims Bible by your side it’s a simple process. We can help you understand how your case will likely go, as well as help you gather the evidence you need and even partner you up with a legal professional. We aim to give you all the tools you need to file a successful claim against Finio.

Let Claims Bible help you settle a Finio unaffordable loan claim

At Claims Bible, we do all that we can to make your claims process against Finio as simple and successful as possible. From helping you understand the intricacies of your case to supporting you at every step of the way, working with us gives your case the best chance to win. So let our our claim partners at Claims Bible help you seek compensation against Finio with an unaffordable loan claim.

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