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Zellis Data Breach Compensation

If you have been a victim of a data breach involving Zellis, you may be able to claim compensation, start your claim today.

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Our world is more digital than ever before, with people and organisations making use of online platforms to perform all sorts of day-to-day tasks. Unfortunately, this transition into a digital world brings with it a growing threat of data breaches. These breaches occur when hackers compromise a company and steal things like customer data.

Zellis is a popular Human Resources (HR) and payroll platform that was unfortunately involved in a data breach incident in 2023 external link icon light blue. As a result, countless Zellis users became victims of a data breach. If you were a victim of the Zellis data breach, then our claim partners at Claims Bible can help you claim compensation using our simple, stress-free process.

What is a Zellis data breach claim?

A Zellis data breach claim is a process that victims of data breaches can use to seek compensation for damages incurred due to the breach. Zellis external link icon light blue is responsible for securely retaining customer information, so in the event of a data breach, it is Zellis who is accountable for any compensation owed.

These claims are a way for victims to show how Zellis failed them by failing to protect customer information. This could result in many different negative outcomes for customers, ranging from identity theft to financial losses. At Claims Bible, we aim to help victims by making it easy to claim compensation and fight for what you’re entitled to.

What are the criteria for a Zellis data breach claim?

To make a successful data breach claim against Zellis, you’ll have a few criteria to meet. For starters, you’ll need to demonstrate that the data breach happened and was the result of Zellis’ negligence or failure to adhere to GDPR. You will also have to show that the data breach caused you financial loss, emotional distress or other forms of inconvenience.

How long do Zellis data breach claims take?

There isn’t a definitive timeline for Zellis data breach claims, as each case will be unique. There are a few different things that will impact the overall duration of your case, such as the complexity of your claim and the amount of evidence used. Sometimes, claims can finish up in a few weeks, but more complicated claims can run for months.

How much compensation for a Zellis data breach claim?

Just like with timeframes for Zellis data breach claims, there isn’t a standard compensation amount for a successful claim. Instead, your claim will be assessed on its own merits, creating a compensation value that’s unique to your situation. Some things that can impact compensation values are the total amount of money lost through the data breach or any non-financial damages.
Other things that can increase compensation values might include claims for emotional distress or inconvenience external link icon light blue.

What’s the process for a Zellis data breach claim?

A successful Zellis data breach claim might feel like an arduous journey, but with our help at Claims Bible, it doesn’t have to be. We have a tried-and-tested process for making successful data breach claims and can guide you through each step. Here’s how it works:

Obtaining evidence

The first thing your claim will need is supporting evidence to demonstrate the nature and scale of the data breach. You can use various evidence to do this, but the most effective forms include correspondence between you and Zellis regarding the data breach and any bank records that show unauthorised transactions.

Legal counsel

To make sure your case is handled correctly, it’s important to implement legal counsel. We will team you up with our legal partners who specialise in data breach claims external link icon light blue. Their expertise will help guide your case to success and hopefully carry it to success.


In some cases, Zellis may be willing to offer a settlement for the data breach claim. This will involve negotiations between you and Zellis to try and agree on an acceptable figure. If this cannot be reached, then your claim will proceed to court.

Legal action

If negotiations break down, then your claim will be moved to the courts. This is where all of your evidence will be showcased in front of a judge or arbitration panel who will ultimately decide the outcome of the claim.

Our claim partners at Claims Bible are here to make the difficult process of claiming compensation for a Zellis data breach much easier. By working with us, your claim will be handled efficiently be experts, ensuring that your case has the strongest chance of success. So, would you like to get started? Check your eligibility for a Zellis data breach claim by completing our online form.

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