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Claim your Jamaco refund

If you ever had credit from this catalogue company you could be owed compensation for unaffordable credit so why not check now?

Who are Jacamo?

Jacamo are an online fashion clothing retailer launched in 2007 with the aim of ‘taking the struggle out of shopping’ by offering a wide range of sizes designed to suit every build. The brand raised its profile in 2014 when former England-Cricketer Freddie Flintoff became a key ambassador for the brand.

Credit offered by Jacamo

Jacamo offers the ‘Jacamo Pay’ Credit Account charged at 39.90% interest. Credit limits are set according to status and personal financial circumstances. Purchases are payable by the date on the first statement which is sent within 28 days of opening the account. Failure to pay the full amount will attract interest at 39.90%.

What’s the current situation?

Jacamo saw financial growth of 5.1% in the 52 weeks up until March 2019 and it’s parent company JD Williams saw growth of 8.8% in the same time period. This paints a relatively stable picture for the company who turned over £881.6m in 2019. However all bricks and mortar stores were closed in August 2018 following poor performance and recently owners, N Brown, lost more than £100m in revenue as profits almost halved in 2020.

What is the deadline?

Jacamo is in a financially stable position however the group owner, N Brown, reported a 4% decline in the 18 weeks to 4th Jan 2020 and a reduction in its forecast of pre-tax profit from £83.6m to £71m. The support it receives from JD Williams and the wider group, N Brown, mean claims payments are likely to be financially supported. Don’t be confused by the PPI deadline which was 29 August 2019, catalogue credit reclaims are completely different. Claims can take months to sort, so don’t delay, start now.

Key stats

Success Rate
Currently Jacamo has paid out compensation to x customers with around 85% claim success rate (based on our own data).

Average Payout
Based on our own data, the average claim is £x and the largest so far is £y.

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