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Claim your Natwest overdraft  refund

Had an overdraft from Natwest which you could not afford to repay? Did they impose excessive charges or extend your credit limit without checking your affordability? You could have a claim.

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What are Natwest Unaffordable Overdraft Claims?

Natwest external link icon light blue is one of the biggest banks in the UK, offering customers a variety of financial products and services, including overdrafts. If you’ve taken out an overdraft and found it difficult to pay off due to overdraft fees, then you could be eligible to make a Natwest unaffordable overdraft claim.

Whether you’re struggling to pay off your overdraft due to other debts or are finding the additional overdraft interest is a strain on your finances, then making an unaffordable overdraft claim could be the right thing for you. You’ll have the opportunity to receive financial compensation for your unaffordable overdraft with Natwest, giving you a chance to improve your financial situation.

How to Check Your Eligibility for an Unaffordable Overdraft Claim

If you think you might be eligible for a Natwest unaffordable overdraft claim, then we will match you with a specialist claim partner who will manage your case and provide you regular updates throughout the process. We’ll be able to assess your financial history and look into any charges you may have received as a result of it. We’ll also be able to quickly determine your eligibility for a claim so that you can know the best course of action moving forward.

How to Make a Natwest Unaffordable Overdraft Claim

If you’re looking to start the process of making an unaffordable overdraft claim against Natwest, our claim partners at Claims Bible can help work you through the process. Our partners has a tried and tested method that makes this type of claim easy and effective. Here’s how we help:

    • The first part of this process is gathering evidence for your claim, which includes getting all of the right documents together such as bank statements, account information and other evidence to support your claim of financial hardship caused via the excessive overdraft charges.
    • Next, we’ll work with you through the claims process itself. This involves building a strong case for your claim and ensuring that notice of the claim is presented to RBS accurately and effectively.
    • Finally, once we’ve collected and organised all of the documentation and details required for the claim, we’ll make a formal submission of it to RBS. This part of the process is important because we’ll want to clearly outline your situation, the excessive fees you’ve experienced and how they’ve impacted your personal and financial health.

What is the Deadline to Make a Natwest Unaffordable Overdraft Claim?

If you’re intending to make a claim against Natwest for an unaffordable overdraft, you should know that there is a deadline in place. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) external link icon light blue is the financial regulator for banks like Natwest, and they have outlined a six-year deadline for all claims. This begins from the date that you were first made aware of the overdraft fees being unaffordable or when they started causing financial difficulties.

How Much is an Unaffordable Overdraft Claim Worth?

How much you receive following a successful claim against Natwest will vary significantly based on your circumstances. Some of the factors that will be considered include the total amount of fees you’ve been charged, how long you’ve experienced financial hardship and the severity of how it has impacted your finances. Every claim is unique, so at Claims Bible, we make sure to work on a case-by-case basis to make the best use of your evidence and circumstances.

If we secure a successful claim against Natwest, then you’ll receive a refund that’s a percentage of your excessive fees as well as compensation for any financial burdens caused by the unaffordable overdraft.

How to Start Your Natwest Unaffordable Overdraft Claim

Starting your unaffordable overdraft claim against Natwest is easy – we will match you with a specialist claim partner who will manage your case and provide you regular updates throughout the process. We use a proven framework that makes the process of claiming as simple as possible for you while also giving you the best chance of success. Below is a breakdown of our process:

Determining Eligibility

To start the claim process, we’ll look at your Natwest overdraft facilities alongside your financial situation. This will help us determine your eligibility to claim, but we may also ask some additional questions to find out more about your circumstances as this can help your case.

Case Assessment

With all of the information gathered, we can start assessing your case for a claim. This stage ensures that the claim is valid with a high chance of success before passing it over to a suitable solicitor.

Starting Proceedings

Once we’ve provided a solicitor, they’ll get to work on gathering evidence for the claim. They’ll also communicate with the negligent party (Natwest) to inform them of the claim. This gives them an opportunity to start negotiations for a potential settlement.

Claiming the Settlement

Once your solicitor reaches a suitable settlement with Natwest, you’ll not have to wait long before receiving your settlement. This typically takes a few weeks for successful settlements, but if the solicitor can’t reach an amicable arrangement then the case will be escalated to the Financial Ombudsman.


Let Claims Bible Help You With a Natwest Unaffordable Overdraft Claim

Seeking legal compensation from large banks like Natwest can feel daunting, but with our help at Claims Bible, we work to make it as easy as possible. We use a team of experienced legal partners to handle these disputes, ensuring that all aspects of the claim are handled properly and efficiently. To start your claim, fill out our online claim form and we’ll reach out to you shortly.

FOS Case

Read this Financial Ombudsman Service case to see how they ruled against Natwest for unfair or unaffordable bank overdraft charges.

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