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RBS Fraud Refund

If you have been scammed out of money you may be able to claim compensation. This includes scams and frauds such as investment, impersonation, romance or purchase scams.

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With more than 90 % external link icon light blue of the UK population using online banking, it’s clear that the way we handle our finances has changed. This has given rise to a number of new risks associated with bank fraud for customers of many UK banks, including the Bank of Scotland. If you have experienced fraud as a Bank of Scotland customer and didn’t receive fair compensation, then our team at Claims Bible are here to help. We can offer expert guidance and support to help you recover any lost funds from the Bank of Scotland.

Will Bank of Scotland refund scammed money?

The Bank of Scotland, just like all of the other banks in the UK, understand the risks associated with fraud. So if you experience unauthorised activity on your account, then your bank will usually investigate the case for you. However, receiving a refund will depend on the specifics that surround your claim.

If the Bank of Scotland decides that you acted responsibly but still experienced fraud, then they might offer you a full refund for your losses. However, if they find that you were at least partly responsible for the fraud, then you won’t receive a payout. This could be something like sharing your personal information with strangers or giving someone access to your account.

If you believe that you did act responsibly but the Bank of Scotland still denies your refund, then Claims Bible can help. Our team of specialists offer an alternative resolution to help you reclaim your lost money against the Bank of Scotland directly.

Advice from Bank of Scotland to stay safe

The Bank of Scotland understands the risks associated with fraud and offers guidance external link icon light blue to stay safe. This guidance includes:

Monitor your transactions

As most people use online banking to handle finances, you should be looking at transactions consistently. By doing so, you’ll catch things like unauthorised transactions quickly which can stop further fraud from occurring.

Don’t give out confidential data

Make sure your confidential information stays private by not giving it to anyone. So whether a sales person or someone claiming to be from the Bank of Scotland asks for your passwords or login details, don’t do it.

Avoid phishing scams

Make sure that you avoid phishing scams external link icon light blue by knowing what to watch out for. Don’t click any links you don’t know or download any files from unknown senders. Your bank won’t ever ask for sensitive information through text or email, so be wary of this.

Keep devices up-to-date

It’s also worth keeping all of your devices and applications up-to-date so that you have the latest versions of software. This will help protect your PC, smartphone and banking application against cybercrime by patching up vulnerabilities.

Don’t use weak passwords

Make sure the passwords you use are strong and difficult to guess. Avoid basic words as passwords and instead create a blend of numbers and letters to make it harder for fraudsters to guess.

How to start your bank fraud refund claim against Bank of Scotland

If you believe that you have experienced fraud as a Bank of Scotland customer but haven’t received fair compensation, then our specialists at Claims Bible are here to help you. We have a tried-and-tested process that makes starting your claim easy and stress-free. Here’s how it works:

Fill out our Claims Bible online form

First, we’ll need to learn more about your situation. So fill out our online form at Claims Bible to provide us with all of the details we need to understand the merits of your case.

Legal expert assessment

Once we receive your form, our specialist legal experts will take a look at the intricacies of your claim. This will help inform our decision about where to take your case, which improves the overall chances of success for your claim.

Feedback on your case

After assessing your case, we’ll provide you with comprehensive feedback. If we believe that you have a strong case, we’ll work with you to navigate the road to getting a fraud refund from the Bank of Scotland.

If you have any questions about how we work at Claims Bible, or if you’d like us to get started on your case, please get in touch external link icon light blue with our experts at Claims Bible today.

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