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HSBC Fraud Refund

If you have been scammed out of money you may be able to claim compensation. This includes scams and frauds such as investment, impersonation, romance or purchase scams.

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The risk of bank fraud external link icon light blue is something that every bank in the UK deals with, including HSBC. It’s a huge issue that costs the UK hundreds of millions of pounds every year, leaving bank customers stressed and out of pocket.

If you have experienced bank fraud as an HSBC customer, the bank will investigate the claim on your behalf. If they find that you were partly to blame for the fraud occurring – such as by providing a stranger with your banking information – then HSBC won’t provide you with any compensation. At Claims Bible, we can help you get those funds back if you think you were wrongfully denied a bank fraud refund.

Will HSBC refund scammed money?

HSBC deals with fraud cases on a daily basis, so they have extensive experience in investigating these types of financial crimes. It’s one of the most common crimes external link icon light blue experienced in the UK, so banks like HSBC are well-versed in what to look for.
If HSBC finds during the course of the investigation that you were even slightly accountable for the fraud, then you won’t receive any compensation. At Claims Bible, we understand that the bank doesn’t get it right all of the time. So we can help you claim your bank fraud refund directly from HSBC if you feel that you were wrongfully denied your compensation.

Advice from HSBC Bank to Stay Safe

HSBC is very familiar with the latest scamming techniques and fraud strategies, which puts them in a good position to offer advice to customers. They have plenty of resources external link icon light blue to help you better understand bank fraud and how to avoid it. Generally speaking, some of the main advice given to help stay safe includes:

Check your bank account regularly

You should be checking your bank account on a regular basis to ensure you aren’t falling victim to scammers. By looking out for suspicious activity on your account – like unauthorised transactions – then you can tackle the issue before it develops into something more serious.

Keep personal information safe

You should never provide your personal information to strangers, as they could use details like your PIN code or bank login details to compromise your bank account. So keep this information private, even if someone claiming to be from HSBC asks for it.

Stay informed about new scams

There are always new scams external link icon light blue emerging, so try to stay informed about these to identify and avoid them. Never click on suspicious links or download files from unknown senders, as this could be a way for scammers to hack your device.

Keep hardware and software updated

You should also look to use the latest version of software for your devices and banking applications. Older versions may have vulnerabilities that scammers could target to get into your account. So keep your PC, smartphone and banking application up-to-date with the latest software.

Use strong passwords

Your passwords need to be strong and difficult to guess if you want them to work. So use complex combinations of letters, numbers and symbols so that scammers can’t figure out your password easily.

How to start your bank fraud refund claim against HSBC

If you believe that you were a victim of fraud as an HSBC customer but didn’t receive fair compensation, then our team of experts at Claims Bible can help. We have developed a stress-free process that helps you claim a bank fraud refund directly from HSBC. Here’s how it works:

Fill out the Claims Bible online claim form

To start your bank fraud refund claim, you’ll first need to fill out our Claims Bible online claim form. This will give us all of the information we need to learn about your situation.

Legal expert review

After we receive your claim form, our team of legal experts will go over the specifics of your claim. This will help us understand how to best handle your case against HSBC.

Feedback about your claim

Once we’ve reviewed your claim, we’ll provide you with feedback about it. This will break down our overall aim with your case and give you a good idea about the next steps.

To learn more about Claims Bible, or if you have questions related to your claim, please get in touch with our friendly team today.

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