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Making an equal pay claim against Tesco

If you ever worked at Tesco and were not paid the same as someone your equal, you may be able to claim compensation for equal pay.

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How to Claim Tesco Equal Pay

If you work or have worked for Tesco in recent years, then you might be entitled to an equal pay claim against them. Thousands of other claimants have made valid claims against Tesco, so if you want to receive compensation for equal pay then Claims Bible is here to help. Tesco, alongside many other big retailers, has faced significant allegations around unequal pay among its employees. So if you think you might be eligible to claim, we will match you with a specialist claim partner who will manage your case and provide you regular updates throughout the process. Here’s how it works:

Get Your Information Organised

To start off your claim against Tesco, we’ll need to get together all of the information that will form the basis of your case. This will include things like information about your job and any evidence that shows pay discrepancies between you and other employees. It helps to have your historic payslips, as well as any employment contracts or other documents that might help your claim.

Get Informed

From here, we can begin offering legal advice through our specialist solicitors who can work with you throughout the claim. They’ll look at your case and help guide you towards the best course of action to improve your chances of success.

Speaking with ACAS

Next, we can talk with the Advisory, Conciliation, and Arbitration Service (ACAS) for you. They can help with something known as Early Conciliation, which can settle these disputes early without going to court. They will act as intermediaries between you and Tesco to find a workable solution.

Submitting Your Claim

If ACAS doesn’t prove effective, we can move forward to filing the claim at an Employment Tribunal. We’ll take care of getting the right documents in order to support your case. Then, the tribunal will look at your case to determine its merits.

Tesco Equal Pay Claim Update

The Tesco equal pay claim has been going on for a number of years at this point, but there have been several updates along the way. At its core, this claim looks at allegations of pay discrepancies, primarily against female employees who were paid less than their male colleagues for work of equal value. It’s a particularly important issue because it places gender equality in the workplace under the spotlight.

As of 2021, the Supreme Court external link icon light blue in the UK ruled that Tesco employees, primarily female, could make a fair comparison between their work and those of other employees working in distribution centres to assess equal pay. The ruling was a strong win for those making a claim, as it made the scope of the claim bigger and broader – opening up comparisons across other job roles too.

How Long Will the Tesco Equal Pay Claim Take?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a set timeline for this type of claim as it incorporates various factors, such as the complexity of the claim and the number of parties involved. Legal processes can take time, and work on a case-by-case basis, making it difficult to give an accurate timeline.

Although it can be a drawn-out process, it’s important to stay informed and ready as updates can happen quickly. Having our claim partners at Claims Bible on your side can help you by keeping you updated, informed and supported throughout the process.

Tesco Equal Pay Claim Deadline

The typical time frame for bringing equal pay claims to court is six months external link icon light blue from the date of leaving your employment or six months from when your employment ended. With that said, there are always extenuating circumstances to consider, so it helps to speak with a legal professional about your claim.

How Much Will Tesco Colleagues Get in Equal Pay Claim?

How much you’ll receive in terms of compensation after a successful equal pay claim against Tesco will vary based on a number of factors. If the Tribunal agrees that unequal pay exists in your case, then they’ll base compensation levels on things like how long you were unequally paid and how much financial loss you suffered as a result.

Who Will Win the Tesco Equal Pay Claim?

As the case is still ongoing, it’s hard to accurately say how things will end up. However, after the recent decisions from the Supreme Court and escalation to the Employment Tribunal external link icon light blue things look promising for the claimants. The Tribunal will ultimately decide the case based on the merits of each individual claim, so it’s not an all-or-nothing result for claimants.

With the Supreme Court ruling backing the claim, it’s fair to say there’s a lot of optimism around the case made by claimants. The final outcomes of this though will vary depending on the evidence offered and the legal arguments brought forward. So it’s important to stay informed about any updates or developments on this case if you’re involved. At Claims Bible, our team of professionals can help by giving you up-to-the-minute advice, support and guidance for your claim.

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