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Making an equal pay claim against Sainsburys

If you ever worked at Sainsburys and were not paid the same as someone your equal, you may be able to claim compensation for equal pay.

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How to Claim Sainsbury’s Equal Pay

A significant portion of Sainsbury’s employees have made claims against their employer as a way to receive compensation for equal pay claims. With thousands of valid claims made against Sainsbury’s and their unequal pay practices, you might also be eligible for compensation if you’ve worked at Sainsbury’s and received unequal pay. Our team at Claims Bible can help you make a claim successfully by looking at your case and determining your eligibility. As the allegations of unequal pay continue to grow for retailers like Sainsbury’s, Claims Bible can help you seek fair compensation for unfair pay practices. Here’s how:

We gather claim information

The first thing we’ll do is begin gathering information to help support your claim of unequal pay. This might include things like details about your job, your contract and payslips to build a case that demonstrates unequal pay practices.

Support and guidance

Once we’ve started working together, we’ll be able to provide legal advice, support and guidance to help with your claim. This includes assessing the case and making sure that we’re taking all necessary steps to make a successful claim.

Speaking with ACAS

Once we’re ready, we can reach out to the Advisory, Conciliation, and Arbitration Service (ACAS) for you. This body can facilitate something known as Early Conciliation, which could mean your case is settled before reaching court.

Advancing the Claim

If the talks with ACAS don’t provide a satisfactory outcome, we’ll move forward with making the claim against Sainsbury’s at the Employment Tribunal. Our team will prepare a case to demonstrate unequal pay for your claim, leaving the Tribunal to assess its overall merit.

Sainsbury’s Equal Pay Claim Update

Cases of Sainsbury’s equal pay claims have been going on for a number of years at this point, but it looks as though things are moving towards a conclusion. The claims made allege that Sainsbury’s, and many other retail giants, have been unequally paying employees, primarily female workers who are being paid less than male counterparts.

As of 2021, The UK Supreme Court external link icon light blue has ruled that Sainsbury’s employees could draw comparisons between their work and the work of other employees in distribution centres. This ruling is significant because it opens the door for a wider scope for claims, allowing individuals to make claims of unequal pay in other job roles.

How Long Will the Sainsbury’s Equal Pay Claim Take?

Like all court cases, there isn’t a definitive timeline to know when Sainsbury’s equal pay claim will draw to a close. As it’s a complex case that incorporates many different claimants, there are many different things that can delay the case. It’s also getting looked at on a case-by-case basis, which slows things down.

However, it’s important to stay updated on this case if it affects you – even if it’s a time-consuming process. So at Claims Bible, our team will keep you informed and updated throughout the duration of this case.

Sainsbury’s Equal Pay Claim Deadline

The deadline for making a Sainsbury’s equal pay claim is typically six months external link icon light blue from when you left Sainsbury’s or six months from when your employment ended. This isn’t set in stone though, as there are certain factors and circumstances that could change these deadlines. As a result of this, it really benefits you to speak with a legal professional about the validity of your claim.

How Much Will Sainsbury’s Colleagues Get in Equal Pay Claim?

How much you receive following your equal pay claim against Sainsbury’s will vary depending on a few different things. If the court agrees that you’ve experienced unequal pay, then you’ll receive a compensation offer that varies depending on your time with the company and how much financial loss you experienced.

Who Will Win the Sainsbury’s Equal Pay Claim?

As this is still an open case, it’s impossible to say exactly how or when things will finish up. However, the recent updates from this claim, namely the updates from the Employment Tribunal external link icon light blue indicate that things are coming to an end. As with all court cases, the outcome will be based on the merit of individual cases, which can be a time-consuming process.

So, although we don’t have a concrete timeline, it looks promising that things will end in favour of the claimants. At Claims Bible, we’ll work hard to keep you informed and in the loop if the case affects you. Our professionals will be on your side throughout the claim, making the entire process as straightforward as possible for you.

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