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Making an equal pay claim against Morrisons

If you ever worked at Morrisons and were not paid the same as someone your equal, you may be able to claim compensation for equal pay.

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How to Claim Morrisons Equal Pay

Many Morrisons employees have been making claims against the retailer to seek entitlement for equal pay claims. There are thousands of claimants who have made valid claims against Morrisons around unequal pay, so if you think this relates to you then you might be eligible for compensation. At Claims Bible, we can help you with the claims process and determine your eligibility for making a claim against Morrisons. With substantial allegations brought against Morrisons and other retail giants, our team at Claims Bible can help you fight your case and seek compensation. Here’s how we help:

Gathering Information for Your Claim

To ensure your claim is as iron-clad as possible, we’ll work to obtain all of the information required to create your case. We’ll utilise things like your job information and other things that highlight pay discrepancies between you and other employees in similar roles. We’ll also use your historic payslips and contracts to create a timeline for your claim.

Providing Guidance

Once we’ve started building your case, we can work with you to offer legal advice and guidance with our legal team throughout the claim. We can assess your case and make sure we’re taking the right steps to improve your chances of success.

Communicating with ACAS

Moving on, we’ll get in touch with the Advisory, Conciliation, and Arbitration Service (ACAS) for you. They might be able to offer Early Conciliation which can settle this dispute before reaching court.

Making a Claim

If the Early Conciliation doesn’t provide a reasonable outcome, our team will move to escalate the claim in court with the Employment Tribunal. We’ll get all of the evidence ready to support your case and let the Tribunal assess the merits of your claim.

Morrisons Equal Pay Claim Update

Morrisons equal pay claims have been happening for a few years now, but things have been moving forward recently. The claim alleges that Morrisons, and many other retail employers, aren’t paying employees equally. This is particularly true for female employees who have been paid less than their male counterparts while doing the same work.

In 2021, the Supreme Court external link icon light blue in the UK determined that Morrisons staff could make a fair comparison between the work they do and the work of other employees who work in distribution centres. This ruling is a big step forward for those making unequal pay claims, as it broadens the scope of the claim and makes claims feasible across other job roles.

How Long Will the Morrisons Equal Pay Claim Take?

It’s hard to say how long the Morrisons equal pay claim will take as it brings together a lot of different challenges, including the complexity and scale of the case. As these types of legal matters can take time to finalise through court, and because claims are case-by-case, timelines aren’t concrete.

With that said, even if the claims are quite complex and time-consuming, it’s important to stay informed and updated about the case if you’re involved in it. At Claims Bible, we can help you stay in touch with the case and any updates that stem from it, keeping you informed along the way.

Morrisons Equal Pay Claim Deadline

Generally speaking, the deadline for making an equal pay claim is set at general time limit > six months external link icon light blue from when you left employment or six months from when you ended employment at Morrisons. This isn’t a guarantee though, as extenuating circumstances will be considered when making claims. So it’s important to discuss your claim with a legal professional to see if you can make a valid claim.

How Much Will Morrisons Colleagues Get in Equal Pay Claim?

The amount of compensation you receive following an equal pay claim will depend on a few different things. If the court finds that you’ve been dealing with unequal pay, then they’ll offer you compensation that varies depending on how long you were unequally paid for and how much financial loss you endured.

Who Will Win the Morrisons Equal Pay Claim?

The case around unequal pay is still active, so it’s hard to know exactly when things will draw to a close. With that said, things are looking more positive thanks to the Employment Tribunal external link icon light blue so things could be wrapped up sooner rather than later. It’s worth noting that the case will be based on the merits of individual cases, which can take time.

So although there isn’t a clear end in sight, there’s a good level of hope that the case will end in the favour of the claimants. Things can change quickly and it’s important to stay abreast of this case if it impacts you. So let our team at Claims Bible help, as our team of professionals can keep you informed and supported throughout the case.

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