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Single Living Accommodation Claims

If you have paid for Single Living Accommodation (SLA) in the military then you may have paid significantly more for accommodation than those who are over 37 and/or married. We can help you claim compensation for this discrimination.

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An introduction to SLA claims

If you are serving under the Ministry of Defence and paying for Single Living Accommodation (SLA), then you might be one of the many thousands of service personnel who may have been discriminated against. The existing framework for SLA means that many young, unmarried service personnel pay significantly more for accommodation than their older peers and those who are married. At Claims Bible, we can put you in touch with a law firm who can help you seek compensation for this potential discrimination.

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What are SLA claims?

Single Living Accommodation (SLA) claims are designed to help individuals who have had to pay for SLA while working as service personnel. Such claims are intended to compensate for the unfair costs that individuals might have encountered due to the potentially discriminatory framework of Single Living Accommodation.

The Ministry of Defence external link icon light blue may have discriminated against thousands of service personnel who are required to pay for their Single Living Accommodation. The current Ministry of Defence allowances policy leaves many young or unmarried service personnel paying substantially more for their accommodation than those who are over 37 and/or married.

At Claims Bible, we’re looking to help put things right and potentially claim the compensation you are owed if you think are experiencing discrimination associated with Single Living Accommodation by putting you in touch with a law firm.

Did you know?

The National Audit Office released a report that outlined that the Ministry of Defence allowance framework may be discriminatory. However, little has changed for service personnel experiencing this alleged discrimination. These people are still paying potentially unfair amounts for Single Living Accommodation.

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What is the SLA claim criteria?

If you’ve worked as Ministry of Defence personnel and had to pay for Single Living Accommodation, then you might be eligible to make a claim. If you don’t qualify for allowance for SLA payments due to marriage status or age, then Claims Bible and our legal partners are here to help.

If you feel that you were unfairly discriminated against and did not receive an allowance, we can help you to seek compensation for this alleged discrimination, giving you the chance to get your money back.

Claim Criteria

You can make a claim if you fulfil any of the following criteria

  • If you work in the Army or Strategic Command and you are under 37 years old.
  • If you work in the Army or Strategic Command, are over 37 years old and are unmarried.
  • If you work in the Royal Navy or RAF and are unmarried.

How much are SLA claims?

The amount of compensation you may be able to obtain from an SLA claim varies based on several factors. This type of case looks to offer you compensation known as pecuniary damages. These will cover the total amount of money you paid for Single Living Accommodation.

Alongside these pecuniary damages, we can seek compensation for non-pecuniary damages too. These are damages associated with disruption to your life, such as having to pay for your Single Living Accommodation when other people didn’t.

As these claims are decided on a case-by-case basis, there isn’t a defined amount of money you’re likely to receive as compensation. That’s why working with the right legal firm is so important – they can help you seek the correct amounts based on the circumstances of your claim.

Example Claim

To give you an example, let’s assume you are an unmarried person aged under 37. You’ve had to pay for your Single Living Accommodation over a five-year period at £200 per month. That means you’ll have paid £12,000 in total over those five years – and we can try to help you claim that back.

Beginning your SLA claim is straightforward. Simply fill in our online form and our legal partners will guide you through the next steps. With the right knowledge and approach, navigating the path of SLA claims becomes less daunting. 

What is the SLA claim process?

The process for joining the SLA claim is designed to be straightforward. Here’s how it works:

Fill in our online claim form

First, you’ll need to fill out our Claims Bible online claim form. This will give us a good idea about the nature of your claim and the specifics of your case.

Eligibility to claim

Once we have your claim form, we will pass your data to our legal partners who will perform an overall assessment to determine your eligibility to claim.

Making a service complaint

When you work with us, our team of legal expert partners will handle the paperwork to make an official service complaint on your behalf.

Await a response

Finally, our legal partner will wait for a response to your service complaint. If the result isn’t satisfactory, they can advance your case and start work on making a legal claim for you.

Our Partner's Fees Explained

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Common questions

Could my SLA claim affect my employment?

Lodging an SLA claim should not impact your employment status. Employers cannot legally retaliate against employees for seeking compensation they’re entitled to, which means your employment should be safe.

I am no longer serving, can I still make an SLA claim?

Unfortunately, there is a time limit on bringing these types of claims against the Ministry of Defence. So if you are no longer serving but have paid for Single Living Accommodation in the past six months, then we can possibly help you make a claim. If it’s any longer than that, we can’t help you with your claim.

How far back can I claim for?

Time limits for SLA claims will depend on when you last paid for Single Living Accommodation. For service complaints, you must bring your complaint within six months of your last payment for SLA.

Do I pay anything up front to bring an SLA claim?

When handling SLA claims, our legal partner won’t ask you to pay any fees or costs up-front. They’ll only take payment if your claim is successful – guaranteeing that you won’t lose out by making a claim. Our goal is to help you seek compensation for your unfair situation, which is why they’ll only take payments if you are successful in your claim and adhere to the terms of the agreement with them.

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