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Flight delay compensation

If your flight has been delayed for over 3 hours then you could be entitled to compensation from the airline. Discover if you are eligible and how much compensation you could get in this article.

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An introduction to flight delay compensation claims

Air travel is a modern marvel that opens up the world to us – but it’s not without its hiccups. One of the most common issues passengers face is flight delays, which are unforeseen and cause a lot of problems. In the UK, passengers are entitled to certain rights and compensation when their flights are delayed under specific circumstances.

To help you understand how to navigate flight delay compensation in the UK, we’re going to explore how much compensation you can expect for a delayed flight, how to claim it, the required length of delay for compensation eligibility, and further details on the process of claiming.

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How Much Compensation Can I Get for a Delayed Flight?

The amount of compensation for a delayed flight in the UK depends on several factors including the flight distance and the length of the delay. The compensation rules are set out by the EU Regulation 261/2004 external link icon light blue As a general overview, compensation varies depending on the type of flight.

It’s important to note that these amounts are per passenger and the compensation is in addition to other services like meals and accommodation provided by the airline during the delay. If you’re unsure about the distance of your flight, then you can use a tool such as this one external link icon light blue from Web Flyer.

You can also use our handy tool found on this page to check your eligibility for flight delay compensation. All you have to do is enter your departing and arrival airports into our tool, then you’ll be transferred to a service professional who can help you claim compensation.

Flight Delay Rights

If you’re in a position where your flight has been delayed, then you’ll be entitled to compensation if you arrive at your final destination 3 hours later than intended. For this to apply, the airline must be responsible for the delay, such as a technical issue with the flight. You will then have the right to compensation that ranges from £220 to £520 depending on the distance of your flight.

The airline must also provide food and drink once the delay extends beyond 2 hours. If the delay extends into overnight, then the airline will also have to cover hotel accommodation for you.

How to Claim Compensation for a Delayed Flight

Once you’ve established that your flight has been delayed for an extended period, you can begin the process of claiming compensation. Claiming compensation for a delayed flight involves a few steps that you’ll want to carry out, such as:

Checking Your Eligibility: First, ensure your flight is eligible for compensation under EU Regulation 261/2004. This applies to flights departing from an EU airport or arriving in the EU with an EU carrier.

Gathering Information: Collect all necessary information about your flight, including flight number, the length of the delay, and the reason for the delay if known.

Contacting the Airline: Submit a compensation claim to the airline. This can usually be done through the airline’s website or customer service. Provide all the relevant details about your flight and delay.

Keeping Records: Keep a copy of your claim and any correspondence with the airline. If the airline rejects your claim and you believe it’s unjustified, you can escalate the matter.

This process can be quite stressful, especially if you’re travelling abroad for a holiday or for other important reasons. So, to help you receive fair compensation for the delayed flight, our team at Claims Bible can help you make your claim on your behalf.

The Issue With Extraordinary Circumstances

One of the ways that airline operators try to avoid paying compensation for delayed flights is by claiming ‘extraordinary circumstances’ external link icon light blue for the delay. In some cases, flights are genuinely delayed due to factors beyond the scope of the airline operator, such as poor weather conditions or air traffic control issues. If your flight is delayed due to extraordinary circumstances, then the airline doesn’t have to pay you any compensation as the issue is out of their control.

However, the airline stating that the delay was due to extraordinary circumstances isn’t enough. They must prove that they have taken all reasonable measures to re-route passengers impacted by the delay as soon as possible. They must also show that they couldn’t rebook passengers via a faster-connecting flight. This includes direct and indirect connections with other airline operators.

So if you feel that the airline hasn’t done this, but are claiming extraordinary circumstances, you could still be eligible for compensation.

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Can I Claim Compensation for a Delayed Flight

If you want to know if you can claim compensation for your delayed flight, then you’ll need to check to see if your flight is regulated by UK or EU rules. This will include any flight leaving a UK or EU airport, or any UK or EU airline arriving at a UK or EU airport. So if it’s a UK or EU flight, then you’ll be able to claim some compensation for a delayed flight.

Airlines and UK/EU Airports

There are circumstances where things can get complicated when claiming flight delay compensation. For example, if your flight comes from outside of the UK or EU and is returning to the UK or EU, then it will boil down to which airline it is.

A flight from London to New York will be covered by these rules no matter what airline is it, but if it’s coming from New York to London then the airline must be from the UK or EU. So in this example, a delayed American Airlines flight wouldn’t be eligible, but a British Airways flight would be.

Ultimately, it’s the airline operator that matters in international flights such as the one discussed above. So if you book a flight with British Airways but your return flight is on a codeshare external link icon light blue operated by American Airlines, then you wouldn’t be able to claim compensation.

Receive Compensation for Your Delayed Flight

Flight delays can be frustrating, but knowing your rights and the procedures for claiming compensation can make the experience less burdensome. By understanding the criteria for compensation, how to make a claim, and the necessary delay length, passengers can ensure they receive what they’re entitled to under EU law. Read our blog article on Flight Delay Compensation Calculator or start your claim today external link icon light blue

Did You Know?

Flights under 1,500km: For shorter flights, such as domestic flights or those within Europe, passengers can receive up to £220 if their flight is delayed for more than 3 hours.

Flights between 1,500km and 3,500km: For medium-haul flights, such as those to North Africa or the Middle East, the compensation can rise to £350.

Flights over 3,500km: For long-haul flights, the compensation can be as high as £520 if the delay is more than 4 hours.

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