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Claim Compensation for Diesel Emissions from Vauxhall

If you had a vehicle from Vauxhall that was part of the diesel emissions scandal, you  could be entitled to claim compensation. Keep checking back, this claim will be going live soon.

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Vauxhall Emissions Claim

In 2015, it was found that the Volkswagen group had a series of car brands that were cheating emissions tests, trying to make people believe that their environmental impact was lower than it actually was. This scandal started with one brand but gradually exploded, involving many manufacturers from all around the world. Vauxhall was one of these companies, and plenty of motorists are now seeking compensation to make up for the false advertisement that these companies engaged in.

If you owned or leased a Vauxhall vehicle in the past few years, you could be eligible to make a claim, with significant settlements to be had depending on your specific circumstances. Find out whether you have a Vauxhall emissions claim and how the process works by reading on.

Are Vauxhall diesel claims genuine?

Before researching more into Vauxhall diesel claims and compensation, you might have a few questions about the legitimacy of the process. After all, with the opportunity coming from a major reliable company misleading drivers and regulators about its emissions figures, it’s completely understandable to have some concerns before getting started. Thankfully, the ability to claim money back from Vauxhall after the “Dieselgate” scandal is completely legitimate.

There is some precedent behind the process too. Reuters report that over 300,000 UK claims are in progress over Mercedes-Benz’s role in the scandal, with several other companies also facing claims. In 2022, for example, Volkswagen paid out a total of $242 million to just under 100,000 UK motorists for their part in the scandal.

Combining these facts means that these claims are not only genuine but are proven to achieve significant results against motoring behemoths. Be wary of some groups looking to take part in a claim, as some companies may instead be trying to scam you. Ensure that the company you choose has experience in supporting customer claims to ensure you receive the support you need.

Can I claim against Vauxhall emissions?

There are several things that determine whether you are able to make a claim about the Vauxhall emissions scandal. The first factor that decides whether or not you are able to claim against Vauxhall emissions is whether or not you own, or owned, a car that was affected by the process. Most diesel vehicles that the manufacturer produced between 2009 and 2020 could be affected by the scandal, as it was a wide-ranging issue across all of the company’s range of vehicles.

You don’t necessarily need to own, or have owned, a Vauxhall vehicle in this time either. People that leased a Vauxhall are also eligible for a claim. You are more likely to have a better chance of claiming against Vauxhall emissions if you spent more time with the vehicle, so leasing the car for several months and driving it consistently gives you more of a chance of success in your claim against Vauxhall.

Finally, one of the most important parts of your claim against Vauxhall emissions is paperwork. This means retaining as much documentation as possible from your time with the Vauxhall, including any correspondence with a dealership and the contracts you have from securing the agreement. Having these documents significantly supports your case, and without them, you have little evidence of your agreement with Vauxhall and its affiliates.

Vauxhall emissions claim how much

The amount that you earn from a Vauxhall emissions claim can vary wildly. There isn’t likely to be one simple fee that every single driver gets from the company thanks to everyone’s differing circumstances and relationship with Vauxhall. Firstly, the amount that you spent on the car could have a big influence on the amount that you get from your claim. Someone that buys a car right out of the showroom for tens of thousands of pounds has been exposed to more liability from the company, and so could be set to receive more from the claim.

Similarly, the amount of time spent in Vauxhall cars can make a difference. Some people dedicate themselves towards a favourite brand of car, with the London-based company having a reputation for reliability and consistency of performance. Someone that drove several Vauxhall cars over this period could be due far more compensation than others as they bought multiple cars, potentially thanks to the advertised emissions. As a general rule, the more effect Vauxhall vehicles have on your life, the greater the chance of you receiving a higher sum from your emissions claim.

How to claim Vauxhall emissions compensation

There are a few steps in the process of claiming Vauxhall emissions compensation, the first of which is to get involved in a larger claim action. This is a group of people that are all seeking compensation from the company that choose to work together, for a few reasons. Firstly, the group pool their expertise and information into a larger claim, with greater visibility from the public being another significant factor in the success of larger claims. Consider researching who is leading these groups, with experienced teams such as Claims Bible being the ideal group to work with as they understand how to win claims like this.

After joining a large claims group, do your research. This involves looking through your past and seeing information such as when you got the car, the amount that you paid for the car and when your time with the car ended. Where possible, get documents to support all of this information. The more information you have about your interactions with Vauxhall the better supported your claim will be, and the higher chance you have of getting a reasonable sum in any settlement.

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