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Claim Compensation for Diesel Emissions from Mercedes

If you had a vehicle from Mercedes that was part of the diesel emissions scandal, you  could be entitled to claim compensation.

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Some years ago, Mercedes, the German automobile manufacturer, lied to its customers about emissions. In June 2018, the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) discovered that the leading car brand cheated through vehicle emission tests external link icon light blue . If you have been affected by this malpractice, you are eligible for reparations. Claims Bible will help you calculate how much you can receive.

The Mercedes Scandal

Over the years, car buyers have chosen to improve the world by patronising brands committed to lowering emissions. Mercedes is one such company who have had to comply with European Union emission regulations. However, revelations of cheating have left customers feeling betrayed.

The KBA found that Mercedes installed software in their diesel engine that manipulated emission readings during tests. According to the KBA, this software ensured that testing mechanisms could not detect emission standards violations.

Ultimately, these vehicles scaled through mechanical scrutiny and blended in among other environmentally friendly vehicles. Although the German manufacturer denied these allegations, they had to recall about 90,000 affected cars from the market.

Is the Mercedes Diesel Claim Legit?

Yes! Affected customers have initiated suits to hold the manufacturer accountable. Many class-action lawsuits demanding compensation have emerged. These affected customers deserve compensation for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, Mercedes’ parent company, Daimler, is liable for breaching the trust of its customers. Imagine driving a car you believe to be environmentally friendly, only to discover that you’ve been deceived all along.

Also, Mercedes’ malpractice has made customers who are sensitive about preserving the environment’s health share in destroying it. Many customers may not have paid for these vehicles had they known they were not emission friendly.

Secondly, environmentally friendly vehicles are more expensive than those that are not. Therefore, you might feel you lost money because you paid more for a car positioned as emission-safety compliant when they are not.

Thirdly, you may have taken these non-emission-friendly vehicles for conversion. However, converting non-emission-friendly vehicles to friendly ones comes with a cost. After such modifications, your car becomes less fuel efficient, increasing fueling costs.

How Dangerous Are Mercedes’s Actions?

There are grave implications that result from the Mercedes diesel scandal. Emission regulations aim to place environmental safety at the forefront of vehicle manufacturing considerations. Therefore, manufacturers must ensure that their products emit less NOx external link icon light blue.

NOx represents a combination of air pollutants such as Nitrogen Dioxide external link icon light blue and Nitrogen Oxide. These are poisonous gases that pose severe threats to the health of humans by causing acid rain and smog.

High exposure to these gases damages the human respiratory tract and, specifically, leads to chronic lung disease. People who inhale lots of these gases also suffer from increased susceptibility to asthma and respiratory infections.

Nitrogen oxide pollution does not affect only humans. On exposure to large volumes of these pollutants, crops suffer stunted growth, and their performances decrease.

Who Is Eligible to File a Claim?

Only some Mercedes product users can get compensation for these regulatory infringements. The following are the qualification requirements:

Leased or Bought an Affected Vehicle Within the Uk

You can file a compensation claim against Mercedes if you have purchased or leased an affected vehicle. It doesn’t matter if the car was new or second-hand at the time. Also, you must have made this lease or purchase within the UK, especially in England or Wales.

The Vehicle Has a Diesel Engine

The Mercedes diesel scandal, or “dieselgate,” as many would call it, only happened with cars made of diesel engines. So if your car had a diesel engine, it has met another eligibility criterion.

The Vehicle Was Manufactured Sometime Between 2008 And 2018

The car must have been manufactured anytime between 2008 and 2018. Any manufacturing date outside this period disqualifies a prospective claimant. Note that you do not have to be the vehicle’s current owner.

The Vehicle Must Be Among the Specified Models

The following models are among those affected by the infringement.

  • C-Class
  • E-Class
  • G-Class
  • M-Class
  • S-Class
  • CLS
  • GLC
  • GLE
  • GLK
  • SLC
  • Sprinter

Mercedes Diesel Claim Check

To spare you the hassle, you can check if your vehicle was affected by the “dieselgate” scandal in a few steps. First, visit our claim check page external link icon light blue and fill in your vehicle’s registration number. If you get a positive verdict, you can kick-start your claims process.

There are several groups of claimants across the U.K. Several law firms are collating details of victims to file group claims against the automobile manufacturer. Many of these law firms offer No Win, No Fee services, meaning their clients will only get to pay for legal services if they get compensation.

The No Win, No Fee service also carries additional implications. Clients will have to agree with the law firm on what percentage of their claim will go to the lawyers. Typically, law firms charge from 20% to 40% of the compensation as payment for legal services.

What Is the Deadline for Making a Mercedes Diesel Claim?

There are no deadlines for making a Mercedes diesel claim. However, you should present your claim now. This way, you can avoid a rush when a deadline surfaces.

Once your claim is submitted, it takes an average of thirty days to get feedback from the manufacturer. The manufacturer’s response determines your next move. After that, Mercedes can either settle out of court or contest your claim before a judge.

How Much Is My Claim Worth?

Mercedes diesel claims could be worth anything from a few hundred to ten thousand pounds. The amount of compensation you can receive depends on the expertise of your lawyer, how much the scandal has affected you, and the nature of your settlement. Out-of-court settlements are faster but usually worth less than court awards.

Have You Calculated Your Claim?

If eligible for the Mercedes diesel scandal compensation, you should know your claim’s worth before approaching a lawyer. At Claim’s Bible, we help people discover the value of their claims.

Our claims calculator will estimate your claim’s worth with impressive accuracy. We only need a little information to begin, and your data is protected. So let’s help you calculate your claim; contact us for more details.

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