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Claim Compensation for Diesel Emissions from BMW

If you had a vehicle from BMW that was part of the diesel emissions scandal, you  could be entitled to claim compensation. Keep checking back, this claim will be going live soon.

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BMW is one of the most recent car manufacturers to be investigated with regard to their diesel emissions. With this in mind, it could transpire that BMW customers from across the UK are eligible for thousands of pounds worth of compensation. Currently, investigations are underway to establish whether or not BMW used software to cheat their emissions tests. In fact, across the country, firms are fighting on behalf of BMW customers to secure diesel claims compensation. Eligible customers are those who were deliberately misled about the environmental performance of their vehicles. BMW allegedly fitted ‘defeat devices’ in some of their diesel cars with the purpose of falsely reducing NOx emissions to levels external link icon light blue that would satisfy regulatory tests.

The BMW Scandal

Various tests have highlighted that some BMW vehicles were producing NOx emission levels that were higher than permitted levels. It is believed that such devices are unlawful under UK law and as a result, there are potentially thousands and thousands of polluting vehicles still unlawfully on the roads across Britain. In terms of the environment and the negative effect of such pollution, raised levels of nitrogen dioxide emissions in particular, are notably harmful to the environment and can also affect the health of children and adults.

BMW Diesel Emissions Claims So Far

Initially, the diesel claims issue arose back in 2015 when both Audi and Volkswagen who are both a part of the VW group, faced regulatory intervention for some of their diesel cars across the US. The controversial finding which became known as ‘dieselgate’, has since expanded to include other vehicle manufacturers.

Law firms argue that the affected cars and vans produce more harmful nitrogen oxide (NOx) pollution than was originally advertised to the customer meaning the purchase was mis-sold. For example, customers may never have chosen the vehicle had they been informed about the alleged emission issues. In addition, customers may believe they overpaid for a vehicle as there was an environmentally friendly premium to consider.

It is also worth noting that if a van or car was fixed to comply with emission standards, the actual repair could have caused poorer fuel efficiency or worse overhaul performance, in turn lowering its potential value. Due to the currently vague and therefore complex information and procedures available to pursue diesel claim compensation, you should definitely consult with a reputable legal firm.

Technical expert opinions are required to establish facts and can do so in the most cost-effective way possible. With this in mind, it’s recommended to join a group of legal action for the best chance of winning a claim case.

Who is eligible for BMW a diesel emissions claim?

With the help of our experienced partners, we are pleased to be accepting claim enquiries external link icon light blue for vehicles from 2009-2019, both manufactured and owned. In terms of compensation, legal professionals estimate you could be able to claim back up to three-quarters (75%) of the value of the vehicle if it was found to be fitted with an emissions cheat device.

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