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Claim Oodle Car Finance compensation

If you ever had a car loan from Oodle you may be able to claim compensation if you could not afford to repay because the interest charges were so high.

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Recently, The Finance Conduct Authority external link icon light blue (FCA) discovered that Oodle Car Finance is guilty of widespread misselling of their vehicle finance options and instead selling unaffordable car finance. Any customers that bought one of Oodle’s car finance options weren’t informed of any of the penalties for any missed payments or other defaults before signing any agreements. Therefore, the FCA determined the majority of Oodle customers were mis-sold car finance. At Claims Bible, we can help you to claim the Oodle car finance compensation you deserve.

Understanding Oodle car finance claims

Anyone can claim Oodle car finance if they believe they were mis-sold their car finance. The FCA uncovered that Oodle had mis-sold all different types of vehicle financing options. More and more customers are becoming more dissatisfied with their car finance options with Oodle car finance being no exception. The most common reasons why you might have been mis-sold car finance by Oodle include:

  • Finance deals not being properly explained
  • Being offered a finance package as a ‘recommendation’ instead of being shown a variety of deals
  • You weren’t informed of certain details such as who’s responsible for repairs, who owns the vehicle, interest charges and credit checks to name a few

How to check you have a claim

There are no strict eligibility criteria to meet to claim Oodles’ car finance options. Your car finance is classed as being ‘mis-sold’ if you think the loan was unaffordable or if you think the lender did not carry out the correct affordability checks or failed to disclose the right information. Some other ways to check if you have a claim are:

  • If the salesperson or lender failed to explain their commission procedure
  • The terms and conditions of the arrangement were not explained
  • If no finance credit checks were carried out
  • If the best interest rate wasn’t offered to you
  • You weren’t given clear transparency over the interest rates charged for all of the finance options

The only other aspect you’ll need to check is the name of the company you made your car finance payments to e.g. on your bank statements.

How to make a claim against Oodle Car Finance

Simply fill out our online form. Through this, we can check your details and the information you provided to see if you may be eligible to make a claim. After making this initial enquiry, it’s a good idea to start gathering any relevant evidence you have to strengthen your claim. This could include bank statements, any proof of agreement you might have, any correspondence between you and your finance provider, and any advertisements from the lender or dealership e.g. brochures, invoices etc. You can make these claims yourself however having legal representation through a 3rd party helps not only strengthen your claim but also give you expert legal advice on what to do with the lender’s response to your claim.

The deadline for making a claim against Oodle Car Finance

If you think you may have a claim to put forward, it’s important to act as quickly as possible. This is because there are statutory deadlines to abide by, otherwise known as limitation periods within any claims involving the mis-selling of car finance. If you took out your car finance 6 years ago or more, you can still claim if you become aware of the possibility of being mis-sold the car finance in the past 3 years. You also want to act quickly to ensure any evidence you have stays relevant and to give the lender enough time to respond to your claim.

How much is an Oodle Car Finance claim worth?

Depending on the type of claim you have and how much you have potentially been mis-sold, you could be eligible for compensation of up to hundreds or even thousands of pounds. Every case is different so there’s no guarantee of how much a claim could be worth. To find out how much your claim could be worth, get in contact with our car finance claims team today or fill out our online enquiry form to get your claim started.

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