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Have you suffered a cosmetic surgery injury that was not your fault? Are you looking to make a claim for compensation? In this article we explore how you can claim compensation and the evidence you need to make a successful claim.

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In 2021, over 15,000 cosmetic surgery procedures external link icon light blue took place across the UK. Unsurprisingly, women clients dominate the cosmetic surgery market with breast augmentations remaining the most popular procedure. The range of non-surgical treatments and procedures available is growing on an almost yearly basis and the demand for such less invasive techniques is increasing rapidly.

Some of the most common procedures that do not require surgery are lip filler, botox, and rhinoplasties.
Throughout 2021, the most commonly Googled cosmetic treatments were hair transplant procedures with roughly 35,000 searches every month external link icon light blue.

Unfortunately, all surgeries whether cosmetic or medical, carry their own associated risks. In some instances, despite exceptional training and proper procedures, negative outcomes can still occur from a meticulously planned operation. However, when a person suffers a negative outcome due to negligence within the cosmetic field, a medical negligence claim can be pursued.

The cosmetic surgery industry is not as heavily regulated as many other medical disciplines and as a result, there is a significant problem with procedures being performed by inexperienced and insufficiently trained staff. With inadequate experience, when problems arise as a result of procedures, such professionals are unable to prevent and treat any complications. In fact, in 2022, the Health Secretary included a crack down on unregulated cosmetic procedures external link icon light blue within their amendment to the Health and Care Bill with a particular focus on non-surgical procedures.

For those who endure poorly executed cosmetic surgery, the repercussions can be nothing less than traumatising. A ‘botched’ cosmetic procedure can leave both mental and physical scars. A lawyer that is proficient in dealing with cosmetic surgery claims should be your first port of call should you believe negligence played a role in your negative outcome.

Cosmetic Surgery Compensation Claims

There are a number of circumstances that may lead to a cosmetic surgery compensation claim. For example, clients who were improperly prepared for their procedure and were not fully aware of the associated risks may have a compensation claim. In addition, If the quality and standard of your procedure were not in keeping with what you expected you could have a claim if this was a direct result of negligence. If a defective product was used as part of your cosmetic surgery, for example, a damaged or faulty breast implant, you may also have a sound legal case. Proper and thorough aftercare is an imperative part of any cosmetic surgery and as such, if you did not receive sufficient or correct aftercare interventions or instructions you could be a victim of medical negligence.

The emotional and physical turmoil associated with negligent cosmetic surgery can be lifelong and devastating, with some outcomes being unfixable. With this in mind, making a cosmetic surgery claim can help fund corrective treatments and any potential counselling needs.

Cosmetic Surgery Compensation Calculator

When it comes to estimating the potential total for a cosmetic surgery compensation claim, it isn’t a one size fits all calculation due to the fact that compensation for all sectors is highly dependent on a number of personal variables. With this in mind, your unique circumstances and the extent of the damage caused in the form of your injuries will be taken into account when considering your case, and any losses that may be incurred as a direct result will also be factored into your claim. General damages are awarded to help the claimant deal with the direct negative repercussions stemming from the incident itself, such as the distress and damage to their overall quality of life. On the other hand, special damages are more practically focused and aim to compensate for the financial consequences associated with the botched procedure.

Factors that will influence the amount of compensation awarded for your cosmetic surgery claim include the level of physical pain and discomfort caused by the injury. The mental effect of the procedure will also be reviewed and includes any anxiety and embarrassment that was subsequently caused.

A loss of capability and/or independence will be taken into account such as struggling to now complete daily tasks, usually from mobility or sensory physical impairment. Redress funds may also be considered to cover any travel expenses to and from rehabilitative appointments. For some, cosmetic surgery medical negligence leads to a loss of earnings or in more severe cases a loss of professional opportunities.

All of the above repercussions will directly influence the amount of compensation awarded and your solicitor will help you consider these factors when building your case.

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