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Dental negligence payouts UK

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Dental health is an important aspect of healthcare in the UK, ensuring that individuals have access to dentistry and oral health services. Whether you need a filling for a cavity or a tooth extraction, we rely on dentists to keep our oral health in check. However, in cases of dental negligence, the duty of care that we give to dentists is betrayed – leaving many people in pain, traumatised and out of pocket. At Claims Bible, we want to help patients who have experienced dental malpractice by making it easier for them to claim compensation for dental negligence.

What is dental negligence?

Dental negligence external link icon light blue refers to harm caused to a patient through substandard care provided by dental professionals, including dentists, orthodontists, and oral surgeons. This could be due to misdiagnosis, incorrect treatment, or care that falls below the accepted standard in the dental community, leading to pain, suffering, or lasting damage. Common examples include improper conduct of dental surgery, failure to manage infections, or delays in treatment that result in severe consequences. Dental negligence can have a profound impact on the wellbeing of patients, impacting their health, wellbeing, financial status and mental health. That’s why it’s so important to have measures in place to seek compensation in the event of dental negligence. So, if you have been a victim of dental negligence, you don’t have to suffer silently. With the help of Claims Bible, you can start your journey towards seeking compensation for cases of dental negligence or malpractice.

Can I claim against my dentist?

If you believe that your dentist has provided substandard care that resulted in physical or psychological injury external link icon light blue, you can file a claim against them. This applies whether the treatment was provided by an NHS or private dentist. The key is to prove that the harm was a direct result of negligence on the part of the dental professional.

What is the claim process for dental negligence?

The claims process for dental negligence claims might feel intimidating at first, but with our help at Claims Bible every step is simple. We have lots of experience in guiding victims of dental negligence through the claims process, so we know how to get you through it in a stress-free way. Here’s how it works:

Gathering evidence

First, your claim will need to be supported with various pieces of evidence that demonstrate the dental negligence. This could stem from things like medical records, correspondence between you and the dentist or other pieces of evidence that show what happened.

Legal advice

Following this, we’ll team you up with our legal partners who specialise in dental negligence claims. These legal professionals will be able to look at the specific nature of your claim and let you know the best route forward.


One potential route your legal counsel might suggest is going through negotiations with the dentist in question. This provides them with an opportunity to settle the claim out of court, which speeds up the process of securing compensation for you.

Legal action

If negotiations fail, then the next step will be taking your claim to court. This will be where your legal counsel will make your case in front of a judge or arbitration panel. They will ultimately decide the verdict of the case and how much compensation you will be entitled to.

No win no fee dental negligence claims

At Claims Bible, we believe that seeking compensation for dental negligence shouldn’t have financial barriers. That’s why we operate on a no-win, no-fee basis. That way, if your case isn’t successful, you won’t lose out on any money. If your claim is a success, then a portion of your winnings will go towards our fees. We believe that this arrangement makes legal recourse more accessible to individuals who might otherwise be unable to afford the costs of litigation.

What are the time limits for making a dental negligence claim?

In the UK, there is generally a three-year time limit external link icon light blue to make a dental negligence claim. This period starts from the date when the negligent act occurred or when the patient first became aware of it – whichever comes later. Exceptions can apply, especially in cases involving children or individuals with limited mental capacity, where the time limits can be extended.

How much can I get for a dental negligence claim?

Compensation amounts in dental negligence cases vary widely depending on the specifics of each case, including the severity of the harm and the impact on the individual’s life. Settlements can range from a few thousand pounds for minor incidents to tens of thousands or even more for severe cases involving prolonged pain or permanent disability. Working with our team at Claims Bible will ensure that you have the best chance of securing the compensation you’re entitled to – and not a penny less.

How long do dental negligence claims take?

The duration of a dental negligence claim can vary significantly. Straightforward cases where the evidence is clear and the dentist’s insurer is cooperative might be settled in a few months. However, if the case is complex or goes to court, it can take several years to resolve. At Claims Bible, we understand the claims process very well and know the most efficient and effective legal routes to take. This helps keep the time frames for these claims as low as possible – ensuring your claim is resolved quickly. Working with Claims Bible means that you get the best legal experts fighting your corner to get the compensation you deserve. Start your claim today and check your eligibility in 5 minutes with our simple claims form.
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