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Compensation for Shop Accidents

accident in a shop compensation
Have you been involved in an accident in a retail shop that was not your fault? Are you looking to make a claim for compensation? In this article we explore the rules shop owners must follow, the circumstances under which you can claim compensation and the evidence you need to collect to make a successful claim.

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Accident in a shop

Shopping accidents are typically of a sudden and painful nature and often cause broken bones, fractures and cuts. For many, when injured in a shopping setting, there may be shock involved too as it’s the last thing you expect to happen when running errands.

Business owners across the country must all comply with the rules outlined in the Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957 and have a legal requirement to ensure customers are kept as safe as possible. In instances where the owner or manager of a particular shop has failed to implement the correct safety regulations, they may be responsible for any subsequent injuries sustained by shoppers. As a member of the public, you should be free to carry out day to day activities without suffering at the hands of someone else’s negligence.

Accident in a shop compensation

Following an accident in a shopping environment, there are certain circumstances which warrant compensation and others that do not. In order to pursue damages in the form of shop accident compensation, the injured party would need to prove what happened, who exactly was to blame and have evidence to quantify the injuries sustained.

For a solicitor to take on your claim, they will need to have a good understanding of the incident details and be confident they would win. With this in mind, they will need to work alongside you to establish that the shopkeeper owed you a duty of care and a negligent act on their behalf caused the accident.

Evidence for shop compensation claims

Once a compensation claim has been initiated, the shop involved will pass this across to their insurance company. Their job is to counteract your solicitors’ claims and object to their clients negligence and the role they played in your injuries.

To ensure this process runs as smoothly as possible it is a good idea to follow a few key steps.

Step 1

Make sure you report the accident to the shop. Stores should have an accident book in which such instances are noted. If you are injured in a shop you are always entitled to a copy of the incident report. Feel free to request this to help clarify details such as the time and date of the accident as well as the exact location.

Step 2

Find appropriate medical treatment. At the time of an accident, whilst on site, it may be necessary for you to receive first aid. However, the extent of your injuries should be assessed thoroughly at the GP or at a&e, depending on their severity. When pursuing a compensation claim for an accident in a shop, medical notes obtained from a doctor are a huge asset and add credible information to your case.

Step 3

Gather witness details and testimonies. If the shop you are seeking compensation from denies any liability for an incident and your injuries, witness reports can be a huge help. If you have collected the contact details of any witnesses, your solicitor will most likely be in touch with them to take a written statement. Nowadays, almost all shops are equipped with CCTV cameras and you are also entitled to take a copy of the footage that covers the date and time of your incident. Camera footage is an impartial and hard piece of evidence for compensation cases that provides a lot of information for your solicitor.

Step 4

Having a smart phone with a camera is a great thing should you ever be involved in an accident in a shop compensation claim. Utilise your phone in such scenarios and take photographs of the scene and your injuries if possible.

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