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Compensation for Anxiety After Car Accident

Anxiety Compensation After Car Accident
Have you suffered a car accident that has caused you anxiety? Are you looking to make a claim for compensation? In this article we explore the types of anxiety resulting from a car accident, choosing a car accident solicitor and how you can calculate the potential worth of your personal injury claim.

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Anxiety after a car accident

In addition to physical injuries, car accidents can cause personal injuries such as the development of anxiety as a result of the collision. Road traffic accidents can be traumatising for those involved often have long lasting psychological effects. The symptoms of PTSD and anxiety vary from person to person and can range from an underlying sense of unease and worry to full blown panic attacks.

The mental effects of a car accident can actually manifest as physical symptoms such as difficulty breathing, headaches and an irregular heartbeat. In more serious cases, victims can also experience loss of appetite and even digestive distress.

The mental repercussions tend to involve feeling worried, on edge or constantly alert, people can also experience nightmares and flashbacks surrounding the incident.

The most common type of car accident related anxiety comes in the form of travel apprehension. This type of anxiety can make people dread getting into a car or trigger panic attack symptoms once the car is mobile.

Fore those suffering with travel anxiety, it can be hard to return to car journeys and their previous lifestyle. Problems of this nature can sometimes last for a couple of weeks or terrorise the passenger for months or years to come.

One important thing to consider with an anxiety compensation is that You can claim damages even if you have not experienced a physical injury too. for anxiety even if you haven’t suffered any physical injuries. Within personal injury claims, each individual injury is addressed with its own gravitas. Instances in which people suffer solely with anxiety following a car accident can include near miss collisions which leave passengers shaken without causing a visible injury.

Car accident solicitors

When victims of a car accident have to endure psychological problems due to an accident that wasn’t their fault, they may like to pursue a personal injury claim to seek compensation. To get the ball rolling in such circumstances, clients should utilise the skills of a reputable personal injury solicitor who can help them win proportionate compensation for a psychological trauma claim. When choosing a team of specialists for a personal injury claim ensure that they have many years experience in compensation claims, checking Trustpilot is a great place to start.

Those who are proficient in handling such cases should be able to obtain a fair amount of compensation to adequately address the suffering you have been enduring.

If you are worried about funding legal costs it is a good idea to look for professionals and firms that provide a no win no fee offering. A no win no fee agreement works exactly as it sounds. If your chosen legal representation do not win your anxiety claim, they will not charge you a fee. On the otherhand, if you do win damages you will pay an agreed fee for the work completed, this will be a percentage of your payout.

As part of our No Win No Fee agreement, you also don’t pay any upfront fees. This means you don’t take any financial risks at all. This is one less thing for you to worry about, which can be a huge factor in not exacerbating any existing anxiety symptoms.

So, how much do you pay? How much you would pay on a successful claim is calculated as a percentage of the compensation awarded. You are never out of pocket at any time as the fee is deducted directly out of the compensation.

Car accident compensation calculator

Alike all compensation claims, the amount of potential remuneration due will need to reflect the severity of your symptoms and their consequences. With this in mind, there is no set payout fee and instead compensation is estimated based on your own unique circumstances.

For example, in instances of psychological distress, the negative effects may range from minor disruption to your daily activities such as struggling to sleep. In more severe cases, victims may no longer be able to function at work or pursue a career. Loss of earnings in such circumstances will be taking into effect to more broadly assess the ramifications of the accident. Expenses factored into claims can include the costs needed to travel to and from appointments and any rehabilitation as well as prescription expenditure.

In the case of calculating compensation for anxiety, the Judicial College actually publishes up tp date guidelines for general damages in the case of personal injury claims.

It is worth noting that personal injury claims of a mental rather than physical nature may require slightly longer deliberation or extra information. It is much more straightforward to get a reliable figure calculated quickly for a simple physical injury such as a broken arm.

Read more about Personal Injury claims on our Personal Injury page or read more articles about Personal Injury claims.

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