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Bicycle Accident Compensation Guide

bicycle statistics
Have you suffered from a bicycle accident? Are you looking to make a claim for compensation following your personal injury? In this article we explore how bicycle accident compensation is determined, how a claim settlement is achieved and also look at how many bicycle accidents happen in a year in the UK.

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John is Claim's Bibles lead content writer and is passionate about helping people claim the compensation they deserve if they have been mis sold or mislead.

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Whether it be for guarantor loan refunds or mis-sold car credit, we provide a quick and easy tool to help you swiftly calculate the amount you may be due in compensation.

Unfortunately, due to the unique nature of bicycle accidents and incidents, it is not possible to accurately predict true refund potential. However, there are multiple indicators to determine how eligible a claimant is and how generous the subsequent compensation may be.

How is bicycle accident compensation determined?

When calculating the compensation for a bicycle accident claim there are various factors to be considered depending on the circumstances and claimant involved.
A key factor for such claims is to assess and consider the extent of the injuries sustained and the impact it has had on the victim. In addition, the age of the cyclist can influence the amount of compensation with younger claimants typically receiving higher payouts.

Differences between gender also play a role in the amount of money paid out, one example includes females potentially receiving more money for injuries that result in scarring.

The nature of injuries sustained during an accident can be somewhat subjective and a minor injury to one person may be quite severe to another person. If there is a psychological consequence in addition to the physical harm this will also be taken into account when calculating reimbursement.

As a claimant, other factors such as additional losses will also be considered, this could include loss of earnings and the damage to personal items such as helmets, clothing, and the bicycle itself.

How is a claim settlement achieved?

As part of any bicycle claim, two opposing solicitors will deliberate as to who was responsible for and the impact of the accident. Solicitors on the side of the claimant will present evidence that illustrates the negative impact that the accident has had on the cyclist’s life. In instances where a cyclist’s life has been significantly impacted, whether, from severe physical injuries or mental health problems, they will be provided with sufficient compensation that reflects the nature of the impact. To conclude, the solicitors will come up with a valuation that they believe best reflects the amount of compensation that the victim is owed.

How many bike accidents a year?

Based on data obtained from RoSPA in 2019 there were 4333 bicycle accidents in which the cyclist was seriously injured, in addition, there were 12,451 cases that caused slight injuries to the victim. According to statistics obtained by the government, cycling saw a 200% rise during 2020, this sudden surge can mainly be attributed to the pandemic and its effects on commuting. In 2020 fatalities from cycling accidents rose by 40% despite overall traffic rates decreasing widely (22% according to the AA). ​

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