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Average Compensation For Being Knocked Off A Bike

compensation for knocked off a bike
Have you been in a bike accident or even knocked off your bike by a car? If you would like to claim compensation for this incident, make sure to read on as this article outlines what to do if you are in a bike incident and how to make a claim to get your life back on track.

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Average Compensation For Being Knocked Off A Bike

Bike incidents are all too common in various areas of the world. In the United Kingdom alone, there were 141 deaths and 16,294 incidents external link icon light blue in total as a result of bicycle incidents. Further, the number of bicycle incidents is on the rise after an increase between 2020 and 2021. This means that if you are suffering from an injury, you are not alone. You could be entitled to compensation as a result of your incident, so make sure to read on for more information on what to do if you have been involved in a bike incident.

What to do if knocked off bike by car

If you have been knocked off your bike by a car then there are a few things you need to do to make sure that you can get justice, no matter how severe your injuries. It is a shocking thing to be a part of, but it is important that you try to stay calm and follow the steps to make sure you stay safe.

1. Take details

As with any accident, the first thing you need to make sure of is to get the detail of the driver who crashed into you. The most important facts you need are their name and their address. These details will later be used for the sake of getting any compensation you may be owed.

2. Look for witnesses

If you are hoping to make a claim after your accident, evidence is important. It is key that you take as many photos of the crash site as you can to use as evidence and try to find any witnesses. Take their details too in order to make sure you can contact them again later and have a better chance of receiving compensation.

3. Contact the police

If it is not a serious incident, then the police are not likely to attend the actual scene of the accident. However, letting them know about it means they can start to investigate and will also give you a police reference number. The fact that you have already reported the incident can be beneficial when it comes to getting your compensation and filing a successful claim so it is a good idea to report an incident as soon as it happens, even if you don’t think the incident is too serious.

How much compensation for being knocked off bike

The amount that you can claim from a bike incident varies depending on how serious the collision is and how drastically you are injured. For example, a head injury or brain injury could get you more compensation. Back injuries are also likely to lead to larger sums, especially if they result in long-lasting damage that hinders you. You are likely to receive anywhere in the range of £4,350 to £86,000. Larger sums can be claimed if you suffer the loss of a limb or severe leg injury.

How to claim if knocked off bike

There are a few steps involved in making a claim. The first thing you need to do is check how much you are entitled to using a claims calculator. This can help you to decide whether it is worth trying to make a claim. If you decide that you do want to make a claim, the next thing you need to do is write a letter to the third party detailing your claim. Then, you will need to gather together all of the evidence regarding the accident and how it has affected you. As well as this, you must detail how much financial loss you have faced due to medical requirements and wages lost for example. To help you with all of these steps, as well as with the difficulty of dealing with the third party and fighting for your claim during a time when you are already injured, the best thing you can do is get help from professionals.

I knocked a cyclist off his bike

If you have knocked a cyclist off of their bike, the most important thing to do is stop and make sure that they are okay. As soon as you are in a safe place, make sure to call an ambulance and the police. It is also likely that the cyclist will be upset or angry so it is important that you try to keep them calm to avoid exasperating the situation or worsening their injuries. Next, you need to gather any photographic evidence that you can and get in touch with your insurer, even if you don’t want to make a claim.

Calculate your cycling incident claim today!

If you have been involved in any sort of collision or accident while on your bike, you may be entitled to a claim. It can be a long and difficult process to get any money back, even if you have been injured, but you deserve compensation. Here at Claims Bible, we have the experience and knowledge you need to make the entire process much simpler. We can support you through every stage of the process to make sure you get the compensation that you deserve and you can get back to life as normal as soon as possible.

You can find out more about personal injury claims here and about cycling accident claims here. Alternatively, check out our blog page to read articles about similar claims.

If you’re ready to submit a personal injury claim, visit our enquiry page today so that our team can get in touch and help you as soon as possible and help you to receive the compensation that you deserve after a traumatic incident.

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