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How To Claim Compensation For No Hot Water

no hot water compensation
Does your rented property have no hot water? Has your landlord been told about the problem but not fixed it? You may be looking to claim compensation for housing disrepair. In this article we explore who is eligible to claim, the law regarding no hot water and what to do next if you want to make a claim for compensation.

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Compensation for no hot water UK

There is not a specific period of time a tenant should be without hot water and heating. If you are currently without both, due to the nature of the damage that can be caused without these essentials it is better to find legal advice sooner rather than later. An experienced law firm will be able to talk you through the responsibility of your landlord or housing association and offer advice.

If as a result of no hot water you have incurred a financial loss or been inconvenienced you could be eligible for compensation. Living without hot water can make day to day life both uncomfortable and unsanitary.

Who can claim compensation for no hot water?

If as a tenant you have been without hot water and heating for an extended period, you may be entitled to compensation. A legal team that is proficient in handling such cases will be able to swiftly identify whether or not you fit the relevant criteria for remuneration. If you are potentially eligible for a payout, your chosen legal team will be able to tell you exactly what detail and evidence is necessary to secure your case. The purpose of your claim is to identify that your landlord or housing association has failed to organise repairs in a reasonable amount of time.

Landlords and hot water UK

It is the duty of a landlord or housing association to maintain and repair all boilers within their premises. In addition, the gas and water supply must also be working, especially if young children live within the property with you.

If your landlord is unable to fix an severe issue swiftly than they should provide you with alternative equipment for heating your home within the meantime. In addition, depending on what your current agreement outlines, your landlord may be obligated to provide you with temporary accommodation during the repair period.

Tenants and hot water UK

It is your responsibility as a tenant to utilise hot water facilities with proper care. If during your tenancy you damage such facilities it is your duty to cover the cost of any necessary repairs.

In addition to using equipment safely, you will need to be in control of reporting any issues with the hot water to your landlord. If you have been without hot water for 24 hours, send this notice in a written format. Compensation could be due if you have repeatedly made your landlord aware of an issue with your hot water not working and repairs have not been initiated.

No hot water compensation calculator

It is worth noting that many solicitors and law firms working on housing disrepair claims will be able to offer no win, no fee solutions.

With this in mind, the same legal professionals should be able to give you sound advice not only about whether you are eligible for compensation but roughly how much. To give you an accurate estimate they will likely need to know your rental fees, details about the problem and when it started, the impact it has had on your life and the correspondence between you and the landlord.

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