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Claim Compensation For A Water Leak

Does your rented property have a water leak? Has your landlord been told about the problem but not fixed it? You may be looking to claim compensation for housing disrepair. In this article we explore who is eligible to claim, the law regarding water leaks and what to do next if you want to make a claim for compensation.

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You may suspect you are suffering from a water leak if you encounter several telltale signs. Water is used for our sinks, baths, radiators, and toilets but also physically travels around your home under floors and walls through pipes. Water that has evaded these usual sources can cause serious damage to your property and subsequently cause health and hygiene challenges. The four most common causes of water leaks are clogged toilets, temperature changes, blocked drains and high water pressure.

One way to spot a water leak is a visible damp patch somewhere you wouldn’t expect to see it, for example on your ceiling accompanied by droplets. An obvious pool of water is a pretty definitive warning sign and you should be particularly suspicious if there is a known water source that passes through this area. If you live in a semi, terrace, or flat and have shared party walls, floors, and ceilings, leakage signs may actually be coming from your neighbour’s property. Other common signs of a water leak include hearing the sound of running water, even though you cannot visualise a physical problem, as well as a reduction in your boiler’s pressure. You may have noticed that your water bill has increased due to a higher usage rate or is experiencing particularly high levels of condensation without an obvious seasonal cause.

Who Is Responsible For Water Leak Repairs?

If your flat or council property is suffering from damp or any other form of water damage and your landlord has failed to take appropriate steps to tackle the issue you may be eligible for compensation.

For example, if a leak has arisen from a neighbouring flat and has led to damage in your own home, your landlord will most likely be the one who is responsible for any repairs. As a tenant, your landlord will have outlined a relevant term within your tenancy agreement that stipulates their responsibility in such circumstances, when repairs are necessary. It is important to note that your landlord only becomes responsible for any damage repairs once they have been informed of the issue.

If your landlord isn’t responsible for the flood they will not actually be liable for any damage to your furniture or belongings. In circumstances where your neighbour has been careless and the result has left you with water damage, for example, allowing their bath to overflow, you may also have grounds to claim against them for negligence or nuisance. In terms of compensation, you may be able to claim for the damage caused to your personal belongings, in addition, to redress for the inconvenience.

If a communal area has been overlooked or there has been a failure to make necessary repairs which have led to damage to your property and belongings, they will be responsible for fixing your home. This responsibility is a result of communal areas being under your landlords’ personal control and you are not required to provide any insight into repairs that are required in these areas.

Damage Caused By Water Leaks

One of the most tedious consequences of a water leak is the significant waste of water and potentially high water bills. With any water problem, it is important to try and nip the issue in the bud as soon as possible to prevent serious structural damage. A water leak is a problem that will not go away without appropriate intervention so it’s essential you notify your landlord as soon as you become aware.

What was once a pesky leak can become a structural threat to the structural integrity of your home and even result in foundation damage. Walls and floors are not made to harbour excess moisture and any extra water can also create a breeding ground for mould.

How Is Water Leak Compensation Calculated?

A water leak typically falls under a housing disrepair complaint and you may have grounds under several circumstances. For example, if your landlord is aware of the water leak and has not initiated repairs within a reasonable amount of time, you may have a claim due to a breach in your tenancy agreement. Don’t forget, your landlord is responsible for the building’s structure including plumbing as per section s.11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985. The amount of compensation for a water leak claim will vary from case to case and will depend on the extent of the damage caused whilst also taking into consideration the inconvenience.

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