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Flight Delay Compensation Calculator

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Travelling by air, while convenient, often comes with its own set of uncertainties – including delayed flights. These delays can disrupt your plans, causing inconvenience and sometimes additional expenses. However, many passengers are unaware that they may be entitled to compensation for these delays. So to help you understand how flight delay compensation works and how much you could potentially claim, we’ll take an in-depth look at this type of compensation.

What is flight delay compensation?

Flight delay compensation external link icon light blue is a monetary payment owed to passengers when their flight is significantly delayed. This compensation is not just a goodwill gesture by airlines; in the UK and EU, it’s a legal requirement. The European Union has specific regulations (EC 261/2004) external link icon light blue that oblige airlines to compensate passengers for long delays, cancellations, and instances of denied boarding.

The idea behind this compensation is to acknowledge the inconvenience caused to passengers. It’s worth noting that compensation is different from reimbursements. While reimbursements cover direct expenses like meals or accommodation during the delay, compensation is a fixed amount paid to acknowledge the disruption caused to the passenger’s schedule.

What are the eligibility requirements for flight delay compensation?

The eligibility for flight delay compensation depends on a few different factors, including the region of travel, the duration of the delay, and the cause of the delay. Here are some general criteria to help you understand your own eligibility for this compensation:

  • Region of Travel: In the UK and EU, EC 261 covers all flights departing from a UK/EU airport and flights arriving in the UK/EU operated by a UK/EU carrier.
  • Duration of Delay: Your flight will need to have experienced a delay that is at least 3 hours in length.
  • Reason for Delay: Airlines are only liable to pay compensation for delays within their control, such as staffing issues or technical problems. Extraordinary circumstances, external link icon light blue like extreme weather or air traffic control strikes, generally exempt the airline from paying compensation.
  • Flight Distance: The amount of compensation often varies depending on the distance of the flight. Longer flights generally qualify for higher compensation.
  • Compensation Deadline: You can make a flight delay compensation for flights from up to 6 years ago. Any older and you won’t be able to make a claim.

How much compensation will I get?

The amount of compensation you’re entitled to typically depends on the duration of the delay and the distance of your flight. For UK and EU airlines, the amount of compensation you will receive is broken down into three categories, which include:

  • Flights under 1,500 km: £220 for delays of 3 hours or more.
  • Flights between 1,500 and 3,500 km: £350 for delays of 3 hours or more.
  • Flights over 3,500 km: £520 for delays of 4 hours or more.

These amounts are fixed and do not depend on the price of your ticket. This ensures that all passengers are treated equally, regardless of the fare class they purchased.

What are the steps for filling out a flight delay compensation claim?

Filing a compensation claim involves several steps, which can take some time and effort. Our team at Claims Bible is happy to assist in this process, helping take the stress and time taken to seek fair compensation. Below is a general overview of what we do:

  • Gather Information: We’ll start by collecting all necessary information about your flight, including the flight number, the scheduled and actual departure and arrival times, and the reason for the delay if provided by the airline.
  • Check Eligibility: You can use a flight delay compensation calculator or refer to the specific regulations (such as EC 261/2004 for EU flights) to determine if your delay qualifies for compensation. We can also help you understand the merits of your claim.
  • Contact the Airline: We’ll then move to initiate the claim process by contacting the airline directly. This will ensure the fastest processing time for your claim.
  • Submit Documentation: We’ll have to provide all relevant documents, which might include boarding passes, booking confirmation, and any receipts for additional expenses incurred due to the delay alongside your claim.
  • Follow Up: After submitting your claim, our team will keep track of it and follow up with the airline, keeping you updated throughout.

Remember, while this process can seem daunting, it’s designed to ensure that passengers are fairly compensated for the inconvenience experienced due to flight delays. At Claims Bible, we aim to make this process as simple and stress-free for you as possible.

Calculate your flight delay compensation today

To simplify the process of determining how much compensation you’re entitled to, you can use our flight delay compensation calculator. This useful online tool will need a few details about your flight, such as the flight number, the length of the delay, and the flight distance. Our calculator then estimates the amount of compensation based on your situation.

Using our Claims Bible compensation calculator can save you time and provide a quick, ballpark figure of what you might expect. It’s a user-friendly way to start the compensation claim process, giving you a clearer understanding of your rights and the potential compensation amount.

For more information read about Flight Delay Claims and Compensation or read our airline pages here:

If you have any questions about the claim process, or would like our assistance to start your flight delay claim, please contact our friendly team at Claims Bible today.

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