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Common Questions – Diesel Emissions Claims

diesel emission claims uk
Have you bought or leased a diesel car between 2007 to 2018? If you did you could be entitled to up to £10,000 compensation. In this article we explore the most commonly asked questions about diesel emission claims.

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How do I file my diesel claim?

This is a common question amongst those who own diesel vehicles and believe their cars have been emitting harmful emissions into the environment. If you’re one of those, you deserve compensation for being lied to by the vehicle manufacturers.
You could be owed thousands in compensation for your diesel emission claim. At Claims Bible, we can help you calculate how much you’re potentially owed in compensation by vehicle manufacturers.

But first, is your diesel claim legit? What can you expect when you file a diesel claim? We’ll also explore all this and state why you should file a diesel claim if you’re reluctant to

What Is a Diesel Emissions Claim?

In 2015, the UK recorded its first diesel claim after discovering that Volkswagen installed defeat or cheat devices external link icon light blue in their vehicle. However, this software was only activated during the testing of the car.

Therefore, it displayed a lower emission output during testing. However, it was pretty different in the real world, as emissions were 40 times higher than shown during testing.

A diesel claim focuses on the fact that you, the vehicle owner, have been lied to, and as a result, you damage the environment every time you drive your car. In May 2022, The Volkswagen Group settled out-of-court with 91,000 claimants external link icon light blue from 2015 diesel claims. They paid over £193 million, and each claimant received an average payout of £2,100 or more.

After the diesel emission scandal hit the headlines in 2015 external link icon light blue and became known as the Dieselgate scandal, registered owners of diesel vans and cars manufactured between 2007 and 2018 were eligible to join a class action.

You can file a claim whether you bought the vehicle new or used. Your diesel clam also stands if you purchased outright or on finance.

Is My Diesel Claim Legit?


Thousands of diesel vehicles were caught in the Dieselgate scandal as people unknowingly bought new and used vehicles that produced emissions far above what the law allowed. Over the years, many vehicle manufacturers were investigated over the scandal.

However, the investigation is still ongoing to find out if there is any evidence that diesel car manufacturers installed defeat or cheat devices in the vehicle to cheat the emissions test from 2007-2018. Therefore, if you purchased a used or new diesel vehicle in the UK from Chrysler, Fiat, Ford, Land Rover, Kia, Mercedes, Renault, Skoda, Hyundai, Jaguar, BMW, Volkswagen, Volvo, etc., and registered the car between 2007 and 2018, your diesel claim might be legit.
You can check your eligibility using our claims checker if you think you have a legitimate diesel claim. We will also help you calculate how much compensation you’re entitled to.

Checking your claim’s eligibility is essential because only those with legitimate claims will have their day in court and receive a settlement.

How Much Compensation Can I Receive for My Diesel Claim UK?

There is no fixed amount for the compensation you can receive as a claimant. This is because most diesel claims are still under investigation; therefore, there is no set compensation amount. A settlement also depends on several factors, like how many claimants are in your group and the financial capacity of the company responsible.

The legal firm representing you also determines the amount you can receive. When you contact Claims Bible, we can help you estimate how much compensation to expect.

Why Should You File a Diesel Claim for Compensation?

Apart from the compensation, below are some key reasons you should consider filing a diesel claim.

To Save the Environment

Vehicle manufacturers like Volkswagen lied about dangerous pollutants. This pollutant is responsible for global warming, the deterioration of the ozone layer, acid rain, and smog. Filing a claim is essential to ensure that more vehicle manufacturers do not follow suit and prioritise profit over the environment and your health.


Most vehicle manufacturers tend to deny their involvement in the scandal. Therefore, when you file a diesel claim, you’re saying that large companies aren’t above the law and shouldn’t be dishonest to their customers.

To Save Your Health

The environment isn’t the only one in danger from this pollutant. Traffic pollution is also responsible for premature deaths. In addition, the pollutant NOx external link icon light blue causes respiratory problems like wheezing, asthma, coughing, and bronchitis.

How Long Will My Diesel Claim Take?

The length of your case usually depends on the legal firm and the strength of your claim. However, you’ll usually receive a response from the car manufacturer within weeks of making your claim.

Diesel claims tend to settle fast because most vehicle manufacturers prefer to stay out of court and opt for out-of-court settlements. This ensures a quick payment and usually comes with very little fuss.

Should I File My Diesel Claim UK Myself?

If you’ve read my diesel claim reviews, you will find some people saying it is best to file your claim yourself. But this is not sound advice. Most diesel claims come with high legal fees, which usually outweigh the payout you might receive from the case.

Luckily, many UK legal firms are taking action on behalf of diesel vehicle owners. Therefore, filing under one of these legal firms is best, as you’ll share the cost with other litigants.
Note that you have a 14-day opting-out period, which allows you to cancel your claim within 14 days of filing if you get cold feet. However, you would need to pay legal fees if you withdraw your claim after the 14-day cooling-off period.

Let Claims Bible Help With Your Diesel Claim

We understand the dangers emission has on the environment and your health. Therefore, if you’ve suffered damages due to the dishonesty of vehicle manufacturers, you deserve compensation. Our goal is to ensure car manufacturers are held accountable for their deception.

Joining a diesel claim is relatively straightforward, and you can find out if your diesel claim is legit by reading our diesel emissions page and when you’re ready to submit a claim you can do so using our partner’s claim form external link icon light blue.

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